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  1. On CenterStageSports we have a FBB Sim League. Your the GM of a team and have full control of what trades you make and how your depth chart will look like. Right now the league is full but we are always welcoming of new members who would like to get on the waiting list. After signing up at http://centerstagesports.comvisit the link below to get on the waiting list. In the meantime you can talk sports with our active community.
  2. BE-A-PRO EXPERIENCE - Ever want to be in the NHL? Well now you can. The whole purpose of this league is to live the life of a superstar NHL. Want to be better then Roy and Marty, then strap on your pads and signup. Think you have better hands then Kane? Put them to the test. Maybe you think you could do a better job riding the bench then Paul Bissonnette? Well, way to set the bar high I guess. ANY LEAGUE - You have the choice to start in Bantam, get drafted into the CHL or USHL, and then even the NHL. Maybe you want to go to college first and play in the NCAA? Maybe the KHL or Swedish Elite Leagues are where you come from? Want to be truly brave and start in the ECHL or SPHL? Perhaps you were living the Junior.. B life in Canada before you finally put the beer down and got serious? Well the good news is that you can. Any age, any league. CHOICES - Throughout the season you'll be faced with several choices to make. Show up to practice early, or sleep in. Nail the coaches daughter, or jump on the friend grenade. Demand a trade, or play through the bad lineup. Party all night and get arrested, or stay home and read the bible. It's up to you, and your actions have an effect on your career. IN THE MEDIA -Media is a big part of the league, and is the number one way to improve your player. Just make sure no rogue hacker breaks into you twitter or Instagram or it might be a short career. The League is Open! for new players! Please go ahead and register at to participate. Direct Link To Create A Player-