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  1. The information about the launch date should be out soon (within a week or so). Anders and Tobias still have few things to do before they can release further information. (And before you start asking me questions I cannot answer - no I don't know anything more about this either, just wanted to get this out here as some sort of answer.)
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  3. jusatin

    S15 Trades

    I'm kicking things off! Looking for: 1st line winger with either excellent shooting or passingtop6 defender with good traits Willing to part ways with: 1st round draft pick2nd round draft pickValentyn Pogrebinsky (2nd round draft pick S14 - promising defender)Anyone not marked UNT
  4. jusatin

    S14 General Chat

    His overall did not drop, but his endurance did drop almost 20 overall during the season and he got to blue fit after one game. I think it makes sense he wanted to retire in his prime.
  5. jusatin

    S15 Trades

    New season, new trades thread! Post your trade blocks and wishes here!
  6. It is a sad day for all of the hockey community in Biscuit. At the age of 40 - rated 95 overall - Artem Bublik has announced his retirement. He has arguably been the best goalie in the world, having a save percentage of .90 or better every single season since the world started. Bublik broke in to the league at the age of 26 during season 1. He was criticized due to his small size, but right from the start he showed the doubters that his size was actually part of what made him so great. His athleticism was out of this world and his reflexes were some of the best we've seen, even during his old days. He might have been bit of a lone wolf, but aren't all goalies a little twisted, he was still loved by his team mates who will be sad to see him go. Here are some stats from his career: Golden Cup Victories: 5 Regular season best save percentage: 5 Best Goals Against: 6 Most Shutouts: 6 *These stats don't include season one. Here are his stats from during his time in Biscuit: Although some say his age began to show during this last season and he couldn't play more than 1 game in a row, he is still going to be missed by the fans of Breakouts, and for sure the rest of the hockey community here in Biscuit. When asked about his retirement plans he told us he was going back to Ukraine and start his own goalie camp there, who knows if we'll see more Ukrainian superstars in the future! Thank you Artem Bublik and may the pucks be ever in your glove!
  7. I like this route and actually proposed it way back in the beta days, but for some reason the common consensus was against it. I feel like it would add another level of realism in the game if players acted like they do in the real life (he's getting that much so should I -attitude).
  8. jusatin

    S14 Magic Numbers

    I beg to differ! The match between Breakouts and Grizzlies could seal the results for both teams. If the Breakouts win, they won't get relegated automatically and Grizzlies wont be able to make it in to the playoffs no matter how the last game of the season goes.
  9. jusatin

    S14 Magic Numbers

    The end of the season is not looking too bright for Breakouts. 3 games remaining, 5 points seperating us from certain relegation and I'm against the 1st and 2nd teams in GHL (Protons and Rebels). Here's to hoping we get the win and make sure we have a shot at staying in GHL.
  10. jusatin

    S14 General Chat

    You cannot train a specific talent. They will train in endurance as they play (if they haven't capped it out yet). If you don't want him to be tired so fast you can ease his training or have him play less minutes per game. About the sniper thing, it could be it. I have had a rule of max 1 sniper per line so they don't "clash" with each others.
  11. jusatin

    S14 General Chat

    Saw this really clearly last season as I got a great start. That was a large contributor to me making it into the playoffs eventually. Let's see how this season goes!
  12. Haha beat me to it, was half way done with seperate off, def and goalie ages lol. Great job with the consistency of the post!
  13. Great work on this again! Glad to see my defense has improved by 1 since last season! (Although I am still 1 defender short and hoping to find that from FA sooner rather than later)
  14. Bublik still going strong at 40 years of age. Even seems like he might be able to jump 1 ovr this season if on hard training!
  15. jusatin

    S14 Trade Block

    Looking for 3rd/4th line center and wingers, who can kill penalties and have a good size to them. Willing to part ways with prospects / picks. On trade block: Jensen, 88ovr goalie that can make it as a GHL backup or bona-fide SHL starter. Signed prospects in affiliate. Feel free to send offers.
  16. jusatin

    S13 Trade Block

    You might want to include your team in the signature or in the post. Right now we have no idea who you are
  17. A lot. The Breakouts had only reserved a six figures number in the budget for the referees as we were used to SHL taxes. However we soon found out, after getting penalty calls one after another that we needed to cut deeper into our wallets. After taking all of the refs for all expenses paid one week trip to the heart of Buckingham they were satisfied. We threatened to take them back and no one can handle two weeks there, believe me!
  18. jusatin

    S13 General Chat

    The Breakouts are for the first time in franchise history officially in the GHL playoffs! After my last post the team decided to drop the ball big time in the next 3 games losing all of them in regulation. Last game of the season and we really needed a W, against the tough Vandals. Great effort from my top 4 defenders and we managed to beat the 3rd place Vandals 7-4. Management had set the goal for the season to stay in the GHL, trading away all of the draft picks for this years draft and it really seems to have paid off. Exceeding all expectations we're fighting for the ultimate price. Now the real struggle begins though as we have to face the league leading Mines Pegasus, team we only managed to beat once during regular season. Let's see what the young group is made of and best of luck to all teams in the playoffs - in every level of the world!
  19. jusatin

    S13 General Chat

    So suddenly when the season seemed to be lost and my team dropping all the way to 14th place after a 5 game losing streak we have taken a turn and gone 6-1 during the last 7 games. And the last three games have all been shutouts with both goalies taking turns in the net, goal difference being 15-0. Seems like my guys really want to make the playoffs first season back to GHL. Hope we can keep this trend going when facing Protons next game!
  20. So here comes my (not-really-playing-together) King Sized Line: Aato Oivio 200cm (6'6") 101kg (223lbs) 24yo PLY - Karel Bartanus 198cm (6'5") 96kg (212lbs) 25yo PLY/SNI - Tadeás Majercík 200cm (6'6") 100kg (220lbs) 27yo PLY They could actually all play together on my first line, maybe I should try that in my next game just to see if that can turn my team around.
  21. First of all what a great thread! I like to build my team around the idea of having every single player two spots in the lineup. So for example I don't want to put my first line guys on both PP and PK, I feel like that may hinder their game just a bit due to fatigue kicking in. With that being said I like my team being good on the offense since that's what seems to be working for me. I've tried to build more defensive teams in the past but they haven't really worked out too well. Guess I just haven't found the right guys. I don't really think that one position is clearly superior to others, but when building a team I like to have at least 2 good centers and 4 really good defenders. Goalies of course play a major role in your success so I like to keep them stacked as well. I like to have my first line offensive minded, usually a good center with great ratings in my offense tactic. Then I try to pair him with equally good (tactics wise) winger (one of them being PLY the other SNI) and then try and have a more defensive minded player who can also chip in offensively as well (ply,pwf or 2w). Then I build the rest of my lines looking at what type of player I have. Currently I have a lot of snipers and playmakers so my team is really all-out offense, but usually I like to build at least one defensive forward line as well. That's the third line most of the time so the guys can play PK when needed and not get tired. Defensive wise I try to keep it simple. A lot of good SAH defenders who can shoot or pass the puck as well. That way they get some points as well and don't get anxious. And for goalies, well I try to have the best duo I can. I don't like playing just 1 goalie for most of the games and then have a shitty backup who can't really stand his ground. For the last few seasons I have been playing my goalies approx. 50-50 with slight favouring towards which one is the "hot" goalie at the moment. Not sure how much of a ramble that was, hope you can make something out of it! Feel free to comment and ask!
  22. jusatin

    S13 General Chat

    Had a great start to the season with my youngsters lighting it up. Was first in league scoring although my PP absolutely did not help it (league worst with
  23. I feel like manager reputation should be world specific, when you move to a new world your reputation should start from the same level as a new player.
  24. jusatin


    I have to agree that the bug isn’t really the amount of injuries, if there actually is one linked to them. I’ve been keeping my players on easy training and making sure that 1st and 2nd liners only play on PP or PK, not both so that their minutes stay low. Haven’t had any big injuries after the patches when playing like that. On the other hand if there is a bug I hope it gets fixed, I just hope the way to fix it isn’t just mindlessly decreasing the effect fatigue has on performance and injuries, as I feel it really should be the case that you cannot really train the players on your team that have big minutes.
  25. jusatin

    Computer Trades

    There's much more to a players value than just his overall rating. Thus I don't think the suggestion would work as is, but I like the idea of somehow limiting the trades with computers when it comes to having it be a win-win both ways of the deal.