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  1. I play that game (Hoops Manager). I like it. IMHO it's the best iPad basketball sim game I have come across. And when I have emailed the developer on issues or questions he has been pretty responsive. I tried the Basketball Dynasty Manager game and I didn't like it. Has lots of issues, the major one being in year 3 I was about 30M under the cap and had no coaches (all had expiring contracts) but I could not sign anyone (I had 8 players on my roster) because it said I had -20M available to spend.
  2. Vikings is streaming on Amazon Prime, FWIW
  3. I thought it was really well done least if you aren't too concerned about exactly following the legend.
  4. Anybody try to watch the BBC show Merlin? I got mostly through season 1, but got tired of the episode formula after a while.
  5. I would like to add some faces to the players in my sports sim. Wolverine Studios uses the same faces every game, and it's a limited number of faces. OOTP has a built in facegen option, but SDK's from FaceGen are $9,900 all the way up to $19,000...which is WAY too much for me. Is there any other option that people use for this? I know Puresim used to have a good community of users who would provide hundreds of fictional faces for the Puresim baseball game to use. Thanks.
  6. Just wanted to drop a quick line here. I am developing an NFL style football simulation. To date I have not had any attention so the forum is pretty bare. You can go there and get some basic information about it though. It is probably still a year away, but rest assured I will do my best to finish it up since I am not really satisfied with any of the current offerings. Forum: Website: