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  1. For an easy rebuild I would pick a team with a star Point Guard. In the draft day sports basketball games, Point Guard is by far the most important position. I have been with the Washington Wizards for 8 or 9 seasons. They start with Beal, a few good players with expiring contracts, and a few terrible contracts. I have made it to the 2nd round a few times and it was an interesting rebuild.
  2. Hello, I am Bill Dozer. I like the basketball games in the GMGames world. I really like the GM Games community and all of the forums and platforms. I just joined this one because I learned that for the Pro basketball game, I do not have the photo mod installed and here I am.
  3. I agree. I recently started playing the Pro game after playing the College game was a few years. I have been coach and GM of the Wizards for 7 seasons and learn new things about the game every season.