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  1. In Pro Basketball Manager 2022 we have implemented a brand new User Interface for the live games, following the community’s feedback on last year’s game. All the information will now be accessible within a few clicks! You will also notice the new 3D arenas – completely customisable – and new 3D animations to make games more enjoyable. We have also added more than 60 new playable competitions all over the world (complete list below) with updated rosters for the 2021/2022 season which gives you access to 40 000+ players and 160+ competitions.
  2. Have you ever dreamt of replaying the last possession during the playoffs’ finals? Which player should have taken that last shot? With Pro Basketball Manager 2022 you become the coach of your favorite team and will be able to change history. With more than 160 playable competitions – including 25 international competitions, 11 continental competitions, 12 female competitions, over 40 national cups – spread across 55 countries, you will never run out of new opportunities, each team will face different challenges depending on their league, budget or history. All teams include updated rosters for the 2021-2022 season. For the first time Pro Basketball Manager also features 2 licensed leagues with official names, logos and photos. Through your journey to the hall of fame, you must not only recruit and train your players, but also take part in live games, giving on-court instructions or scouting to find the stars of tomorrow. Ensure the stability of your team by managing the day-to-day operations such as club finances, staff management or improving your arena. Will you lead your team to glory or lead yourself to unemployment? It all depends on you with Pro Basketball Manager 2022. Get it now to enjoy the most realistic basketball management game ever made.