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  1. When I play any NFL game, I always want to be an all-powerful football czar - making all the personnel decisions, of course, but also coaching the games. My favourite was Sierra Sports Pro Football. Sadly, 1998 was the last edition. If they'd kept going with that game, with improved computer AI, it would now be the best computer game ever. The play designer on that game was awesome. I used to love designing 46 type defenses and just sending 6 or 7 guys after the QB. Of course, the computer AI wasn't smart enough to adapt with hot-reads or extra protection. I would absolutely LOVE to find somebody who plays this game where we could play it over the internet, human vs human in coach mode. It would be the best thing ever.
  2. Anyone run an FB Pro Sports 98 PC coaching league? I mean as in a league where games are played over the internet, in real time, in coaching mode, not arcade mode or just text-based sim. If so, I'd love to get involved!