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    SerHawkes reacted to MTorp90 in Ideas for features   
    Still needs a back button, that's imperative for me

    My squad section needs more information and a way to better sort and filter players. Info could be Position - Name - Rating - Class - Height - Weight - Strength - Speed - Work Ethic - Off Field Behavior - GPA
    I would like to just see Quarterbacks for instance and compare them without having to go back and forth. That process right now is My squad > Team > Player 1 > Memorize/note down stats > My Squad > Team > Player 2 > My squad > Team > Player 3 > Memorize/note down stats > My Squad > Team > Player 4

    Compound scores needs to be better as they are practically useless as of now, right now I have three 4 star players at most positions and the way to figure out who's the best is described above
    The compound scores are fine for recruits as they show uncertainty that real life recruiting has as well with scouting reports revealing their strengths and weaknesses.
    But recruiting needs a look as well, I think you need one, maybe two classes at most, but keep the same amount of players. There's about 25 5-star guys per class, a few hundred 4-stars, etc.
    I'd love a way to split snaps automatically (and better than they do it in Madden as well!), perhaps a target snap percentage. RB1 plays 55% of snaps, RB2 plays 30%, RB3 plays 15%. QB1 plays 100%, etc.
    The "TCU" team has been placed in Dallas, that would be like making a 3F Superligaen game and having  team in bright blue jerseys with a horse logo in Aarhus
    A staff button somewhere? I know they're listed under My Squad, but a separate button perhaps?
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    SerHawkes reacted to GM Games in [ Devlog] Release of CTFMv2 Test version   
    Hello Everybody, After a long period of recoding the whole game we are now ready with the first test version of the new CT Football Manager. The test version is playable but we still have a long list...
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    SerHawkes got a reaction from CTGames in Will not save   
    Yay, but also... boo.
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    SerHawkes reacted to CTGames in Will not save   
    We are currently creating a whole new version of the game, where this fix will be a part of. Games saved in the old game wouldn't work in the new version
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    SerHawkes got a reaction from CTGames in A few things...   
    No worries. Happy to provide imput for later fixings.
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    SerHawkes reacted to CTGames in A few things...   
    We are currently on a break from developing the game, but we will try to take a look at this when we are back. So thanks a lot for the inputs
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    SerHawkes reacted to CTGames in Suggestions/Thoughts   
    Thanks a lot for the inputs and we will start to look at them as soon as we have finished our current tasks. We will try to implement a new way of handling the coordinators