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  1. Hey all. Firstly, let me say a massive thank you for making the Front Page Sports experience available after all these years. I cut my teeth on that game back in the day. My question is this: I played the game for a solid 6-7 hours yesterday, with multiple shut offs, due to wife, eating, etc. Now today, going to play the game, I get the "no cd" message. I t worked yesterday. Really baffled. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Edit: I decided to wipe and do a fresh install. Now, when I mount the ISO, it tells me that the drive is not valid> WTF?!? It installed fine yesterday. Had no windows updates since then, so I'm really confused now. Ah well, it was great to spend one day back in the glory of Football Sims.
  2. Hey all. As a veteran of OOTP, and years ago Eastside Hockey , I've been pondering buying the new FHM7. Would anyone tell me please, can you do a fantasy draft, fantasy league option with real players, like you can in OOTP22? Thanks for listening!!
  3. Hi everyone. GM style games are my favorite. I much prefer setting up my teams, drafting, etc, than trying to fumble around a controller trying to hit the right 5 button combo to trigger an over the head kick or some other nonsense. I'm an avid sim racer as well, having owned alot (I mean alot) of racing games from 1994 to present. Really happy to have found this site, and looking forward to interacting with you guys as I go forward. Off now to browse the site. Thanks for having me!!