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    BaldGuy got a reaction from CTGames in Ideas for features   
    I have only just started playing this game but its really enjoyable. When you get a touchdown I would love to see a graphic of a ref signalling for a TD. 
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    BaldGuy reacted to Madd20 in Editor and teams' philosophies   
    I'm new to this game and I have to admit it's a pretty little gem, kudos to the creators.  Just a couple questions, guys:
    - is a more flexible editor in your plans? I mean it would be great to be able to edit data for all the teams, you know...
    - would it be possible in the next updates to adjust the teams' philosophies to the real thing? I mean, setting the heavy run for teams like Navy, Air Force, Army...and the heavy pass for Hawaii, Texas Tech, SMU...It would be a lot more exciting and realistic.
    Thanks a bunch, guys.