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    Havencheese got a reaction from Gaming_Fanatic_39 in Any Boxing sim?   
    I think there's been a couple which I've only glanced at. One appeared a bit arcade like with an 8bit interface. There's SO much potential for a genuine boxing sim, it's a huge sport and truly universal.
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    Havencheese got a reaction from Chris in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    The original Football Manager from 1982, I started playing it on my Commodore 64 around 1990. Then Championship Manager the original on my Amiga around 1992, played a few versions until they rebadged it Football Manager (different to the Commodore one) on PC.
    Since then I've played EHM and FHM as a big hockey fan, OOTP Baseball which introduced me to the joys of baseball, Starters Orders and now DDSPB 21 I'm trying my hand at. There have been some Aussie Rules attempts but I'd love to see a really good AFL one someday.