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  1. The offense should not be penalized for roughing the passer. That's a defensive penalty. Found a couple of more, mostly dealing with field position after a kickoff. If you want more info I will provide.
  2. Just downloaded the free demo for DDSCF, but no success launching it. Starts out like it might, but eventually a black screen and then desktop. Any advice?
  3. I'm Colgate playing against James Madison. They're on offense on my 11 yard line. It's 2and 10 and they commit a 15 yard offensive penalty. My options, as defense, are to accept the penalty and give them !st and goal at my 1 yard line...or decline the penalty and give them 1st and goal at my 1 yard line. Huh!!??? How is the penalized team getting to move forward 10 yards as a "penalty"?
  4. If it's under "ctm.log" then there is none. I will forward one of the autosaved games to you.
  5. Crash to desktop 4 times in a row. Thank God for autosave! Crashes to desktop after playing the 6th game of the season. Did this with 2 different teams. Simmed the game, we won impressively, and pushed finish game button. CRASHED to desktop. Newest version, modpack, etc. Any solutions?
  6. Yep, I think the Sooners look very good this year!