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    OOTP 18-21. DDS Pro Football 21. Want to try Football Manager, just haven't bit the bullet yet.
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    Thank you for this! Amazing mod and appreciate all of the hard work getting these player pics. Easy setup too.
  1. I love the OOTP series. Have played it since 18. I've also bought every year since then. My honest question is this: Is it worth dropping another 30-40 dollars for OOTP 22? Can I just find an updated current roster to download for 21?
  2. Just wanted to say hey. Just signed up. Have played OOTP for a few years and love it. I just bought DDS Pro Football 21 and I am going to give it a try. Thanks for this forum and for the mods you all have. I hope to stick around and maybe meet some people to join an online league with in OOTP or DDSPF21.