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    The ones I'm playing right now, I love the latest iterations. Football Manager 21 (as in soccer) too
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    I don't have anyone to play online with, unfortunately. Not too many fellow Zimbabweans are into it.
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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to find out if there's an actual way to build a sustainable offence and defence in DDSPF21 and how to actually build a game plan that works. I know it's the kind of question where you get "it depends" as a frequent answer, but I am really intrigued by the game and want to understand what makes diffferent playcalls successful and others fail in the context of the game.
  2. HI GUYS! My name is Tino Miti! I am a 22 year old Zimbabwean who has recently started watching American Football and I've grown up playing and watching basketball. I'm still learning about football but already it's my favourite sport and it just excites me to no end. The reason I chose the username YoungKShanahan is because I started reading and researching about football strategy and the different schemes pro coaches run and I am obsessed with Kyle's scheme and he has made me fall in love with the run game! Anyways, I am mainly on here for advise about DDSPF21 as I am well versed in everything basketball wise and want to expand my football knowledge through having fun playing these games and communicating with you guys so I hope I'll enjoy my time here. This is my first time on an online forum and I am really excited!!