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  1. I'm new to the game and new to Football too, and I have a question about DDSPF. What does mean all the numbers in Team Strategy -> Formations (see picture, plz). And what is Default Offense/Defense - Offensive/Defensive Package X? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  2. In my case I started with FIFA Manager 08 until 11 (IIRC), then Football Manager (SI) until 2019. Pro Cycling Manager (2016/17/18/19) , NBA2K19, WWE 2K19, Madden 19/20/21 and if you consider Blood Bowl as a sim game many years of it. Recently I discovered DDS Pro Football and then DDS Pro Basketball. Cheers.
  3. New here and noob trying to learn the ropes of Football. I hope this community could help me with that matter. Thank you in advance. Cheers.