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  1. Do you know which settings really matter in this game? In my games I had I could not really see, that the Strategy I said really is, what the team is doing. Also the options in the live game I can made in the offense and defense. So what are you doing during the season, when you made the trades and free agency? For me it seems a bit, that its only simulating the whole season, because I can not really do a lot. And what I can do maybe does not have an effect. What is your opinion about it?
  2. Hey guys, i have a question about this game. Is it possible to change the language into GERMAN? In some games you can download a file which makes it possible to change the language. Maybe you know something about it ....
  3. Hello Guys, I come from Germany and I am a big basketball fan. I wonder, why I did not find Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021 earlier. I like manager games a lot, played Football Manager, Motorsport Manager and Cycling Manager before.