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  1. Deep deep down I still wanna meet Chris Webber. I grew up watching the Kings and I thought he and Bobby Jackson were just so cool. Almost met Bobby Jackson at an autograph signing but we didn't get to the front before we had to go home. I've been replaying 2k17 and he does commentary on there and he just seems like a chill guy to hang out and watch a game with. Oh, and Bill Walton! He'd be cool. I'm a huge deadhead so we'd get along and start speaking to each other in lyric and drive everyone insane.
  2. I'm just getting into GM games. Stopped following sports for a long time and just recently got back into basketball and baseball's pretty cool. Snagged Pro Basketball 2021 and I'm looking forward to modding it and making the Kings playoff contenders again (I'm gonna have to find a lot of free time for that ahahahaha). That's about all I got. Hi. Hello. Whatever you do take care of your shoes.