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    We have fixed both issuess for the next release, which most likely will be out in three weeks or something like that
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    Thanks for the reply. I like the game but its a bit buggy. Maybe its time to charge people to use it. For example I notice the special teams plays are gone if I edit the play book. Also the game hasn't been transferring my practice schemes to new recruits. When I add the schemes to their routine the game will crash. It would be worth paying $15 or $20 if the game didnt have these bugs. Great game, thanks for building it. 
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    Thanks for the input which we will look into when starting on the new release
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    Those are all some great inputs, and we will for sure try to implement as many as them as possible for the next release 🙂 
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    This game has a lot of great features. There are a few bugs, my special teams play disappears when I edit the Playbook. Starting a new game from inside a game causes a freeze. Here are my suggestions:
    Game Guide. Another user here has a pretty decent walk through but specific details on how practices work, how the recruiting works, etc The play editor is buggy. Sometimes a back deep in the backfield wont be visible on the play editor More than just route options for the play editor. If I am creating zone I should be able to show zones, QB spy, key on flow etc. With this layout you can remove the options for zone, man and blitz and create unique plays. The same goes for offensive plays. It would be cool to put men in motion or have a hand off or option read. In game play calling. Add features like challenges, replays and double teams or having someone match up with one of their best players.  Stats for plays, so you can see how effective they are and in what situations they are effective.  Recruiting management. Could be computer assisted but still have simple inputs such as go after this recruit aggressively by allocating so many points to this recruit until they are signed or say no.  Assigning practice screens could have attributes to show what a player needs. Do they need weight lifting or track practice? Input on allocating funds for campus. Either on equipment, facilities, stadiums etc.  Fake play designs.  More random events. Usually in sim games its done via a newspaper function. Why change whats not broken. Maybe post game interviews etc.  You get a salary but what do you spend the money on?  I think this covers my initial assessment and suggestion. 
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    I just started to play this game like a couple days ago. It looks so good and it have so much potential, but when I try to play a game calling the plays, I see that when I select the option of ‘Special Teams’ (for make a FG, Punt, etc.) it’s empty and I can’t punt nor make a FG, so I always have to go for it in 4th Down situations, even if it’s near my own endzone... I’ve also noticed that I created 3 new folders with new formations (offensively), I edited some plays in each one (about 3/4 per fold) but when I’m playing a game, the fold is empty as the ‘Special Teams’ one. I’d like to know if this have happened to anyone else and if it have a solution.
    As I said, it looks like an amazing game, project and idea, but still have so many bugs. Anyway, congrats to the creators, still work to do, but a good one until for the moment for sure.
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    Thanks for it and we are aware that there are still bugs to fix. But we are working on it 🙂
    Regarding your issue I have tested it a lot locally, and I can't recreate it, so have you tried to start a game without your created folders in it, and see if it is working?