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  1. How does the conference championship game work? From what I know and from what I searched online "The two teams with the best conference records in each division earn places to the championship game. In the event of a tie in records within one division, divisional records and the results of head-to-head games are considered. I beat Clemson, my conference record is 6-0,their is 5-1 but because they are ranked higher in the polls (because they are who they are) they are going to play in the championship game against Miami and further boost their chances of being in the top 4 ranking at the end of the season.
  2. If you create a new training scheme and delete the Standard you get a message that all the players will be assigned to another scheme but that actually never happens(also recruits come with no training scheme assigned). If a player is not assigned a training scheme and you press the Save button on the left, the game suddenly closes. I think an error message like "all players need to be assigned to a scheme" would be more fitting than the game crashing .
  3. At the end of the 2022 season my Senior QB requested a trade(despite playing every game, winning every game of the season, and this being his last season in college) and transferred to Alabama. I paid no attention to it knowing that he was going Pro. I got the Pro Draft notification and he went first overall. Next season I was surprised to see he got drafted 1st overall again, but this time with Alabama. Unfortunately I have no screenshot when the trade happened since I thought it was irrelevant. Disclaimer: I'm European so my knowledge of how college football works is limited, but I think that once you go Pro you can't go back.
  4. Hi! Big sports manager games fan but I never heard of this community until now! Better late than ever. Regards from Romania!