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  1. LeBron probably should have been the G.O.A.T with his talent and body but his finals record means that he didnt actually dominate the league and there were many challengers to his throne. (The 3-1 comeback is still really impressive though). Russell and the Celtics dominated the league but the era makes it an unfair comparison. Hence the vote goes to M.J. His two three-peats shows a model of consistency ( I feel that it is a feat more difficult than lebron's consecutive number of runs to the finals) and while I dont believe he will have 8 consecutive rings if he never retires, i think it might be possible for him to reach 8 consecutive finals appearance if he didnt retire ( probably winning 7, with the one loss spurring him to go in to overdrive mode for the next couple of seasons seeing how competitive he can be).
  2. Came here after watching the video and starts to research about the game