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    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I co-ordinate General Manager Games (the sports manager database). It's been a pleasure working with Slybelle to get the mods that bring that NBA immersion. I spent more time than I can count going through and performing visual design tasks for recent photography on coaches, draft picks, courts, and of course all decent NBA players.
    We ask that you have a username at the GM Games forums and have two 2 posts to unlock unlimited downloads. The installer is also an exe file and you'll know it's safe. This is all we ask for the number of hours put in, no asks for donations or money, just 2 minutes of your time and for free.
    Where to get Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021? (PC):
    [UPDATED 2021 Jan] Credit to John L. -- Updated draft picks on teams, general managers, all coaches, all players for sure working on every time with default.
    What's Not Included:
    - SLYBELLE's ESSENTIAL DDSPB21 NBA MOD of Team Names, Logos, G-League Teams, Jerseys. You need to use that in conjunction with this mod for full performance. You will find that here
    What photography IS Included:
    - NBA PLAYERS, 640+ images with 2020 Portraits
    - DRAFT CLASS PLAYERS, 80+ images with upcoming draft picks
    - STAFF, 110+ Staff, Coaches, Owners images with 2020 Photography from around the web
    - COURTS, 30 NBA modern designs from the past season
    - 2D JERSEYS, owned by HotChips 2019 Mod and is needed to complete the NBA feel
    How to Install:
    1) Extract the file to a folder or somewhere in your downloads folder.
    2) Extract either the STEAM version or Non Steam depending which game you have.
    3) Run the DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack.exe file (allow this with security warnings, as it is the auto-installer)
    4) Select the path where you installed the game.
    5) Reload your existing save and the images will pull up without having to start a new save!