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    Memphis13 got a reaction from Ten4Two in No Special Teams Plays Available   
    I just started to play this game like a couple days ago. It looks so good and it have so much potential, but when I try to play a game calling the plays, I see that when I select the option of ‘Special Teams’ (for make a FG, Punt, etc.) it’s empty and I can’t punt nor make a FG, so I always have to go for it in 4th Down situations, even if it’s near my own endzone... I’ve also noticed that I created 3 new folders with new formations (offensively), I edited some plays in each one (about 3/4 per fold) but when I’m playing a game, the fold is empty as the ‘Special Teams’ one. I’d like to know if this have happened to anyone else and if it have a solution.
    As I said, it looks like an amazing game, project and idea, but still have so many bugs. Anyway, congrats to the creators, still work to do, but a good one until for the moment for sure.