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    Season 6 Goals

    So just like last season, list your manager, team, individual goals for Season 6 below. Here are Elite's: Team Goals - 1. Win 45 games not counting OT. Have 41 and 40 last two seasons, but should finally be consistent enough to get 45 wins. 2. Get passed the second round of playoffs and then anything is possible. Individual Goals - 1. Yatchenko 40+ goals. The future franchise player. 2. Veres 50+ assists. This will require several on PP, but as the other franchise player, he needs to continue his rise to keep the title. 3. Goalies combine for 45+ wins, with Amick taking the vast majority but the new permanent backup Svoboda getting at least 10 wins in his first full season. 4. Newly acquired Steve Sessions (F) adds to my team of "late bloomers" and has a career season in points, with at least 30 goals. Manager Goal - 1. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them. When does the old age become more a liability than asset? Knowing when to shift out some major players at the end of their career, but not too soon. So a subset of this is to not panic if this season starts poorly, but not wait too long to do something about it either!
  2. Notable Retire Season 5 - Manuel Wyss - Defenseman A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The big contracts, the scoring titles, and stars of the game often go to the household name stars, but it's the players battling it out on the front lines lower on the depth chart that make or break a team's true success. Manuel Wyss was always in the trenches shoring up his teammates' weakest links. In only five short GHL seasons, he played on five different teams, often going unnoticed on each change in scenery, but always over performing above his expectations. Beginning in Season 1, Wyss began with the Lake Viking Bulldogs. To say it was a tumultuous start to a new league and new team would be an understatement. At 30 years old and a rating of 83ovr, Wyss found himself in a top 4 roll with the Bulldogs. After an 8-12 start, the Bulldogs continued to juggling their lineup, going through 10 D-men on the roster during that first year. Wyss found himself a casualty of that slow start and was traded to Enigma Rage in a swap that included Mario Vuillermet and Rowan Talbot-Gervais (step-brother to Ricky Gervais). Wyss was able to solidify a roster spot, getting 19 pts (8-11) for the remaining 60 games of the season and a 7th place playoff spot. After netting a goal in a hard fought 3-2 series loss to the West Chicago Hawks, Rage's season was over and so would be Wyss's time with the team. At the start of Season 2, after being waived unceremoniously by Rage, the Lightning Bolts picked him up for a two year stint as the team underwent the transition to the Miami Angels. Teaming up with the goalie George Mercredi, Wyss continued to show his ability to outshine some of his teammates as he scored 33 pts (15-18) in a strong depth role. However, once again Wyss found himself on the losing end of a first round playoff loss after going down three games to two in the five game series. The transition to Miami Angels for the team was not successful and Wyss only found himself starting 48 games and by far his worst year of his career. Following Season 3, at the start of Season 4 perennial under performers Eldred Elite picked Wyss up on a no frills one-year, $1.5 million contract. It was a chance for Wyss to prove he belonged in the GHL and Elite to garner some defenseman depth. Starting the season in the AAHL, Wyss made the best use of his opportunity and had 34 pts (17-17) in 49 games before being called up to the top six of Elite and finished the season with 13 pts in 24 games and a 0 +/- rating and a Corsi of 51.7%, all which caught the attention of Elite management of his ability to be a clutch performer in a depth role. With Wyss in his role on the the 3rd line D corps, Elite crawled up the standings to finish strongly in fifth place. Unfortunately, both for Wyss and the Elite, the playoffs ended almost as quickly as they had started and were swept out by the eventual Western Conference champion Victoria Regals. Now at the age of 35, Wyss resigned with Eldred Elite to try and continue both teams late season 4 success at a very paltry $1,147,000 for another year of service. Wyss continued to make the most of his time on the ice putting up a career tying 33 pts (12-21) in 80 games and a +8 with averaging only 14 mins a game, his lowest total ice time of his career. After a strong season both for Wyss and Elite, the storybook season came to an end during game five against the West Chicago Hawks in the conference semi-finals. Wyss played strong for the club putting up four points (1-3) in nine games in limited action as the #6 d-man. Following the season, Wyss was offered another one-year contract by Elite and all indications were that he would return as a strong veteran to help transition the defensemen corps to the new guard that will lead the team over the next 5-10 seasons. Unfortunately, facing age 36 and the current health crisis facing the world, he decided he would now take some time to spend with his family and go out on a high note with his season with Elite. Some champions never get rings, but will always be remembered by the fans and fellow players for what they bring to the rink each and every day. Manuel Wyss finished his career after five GHL seasons with 310 games, 50 goals, 75 assists, and a takeaway to giveaway ratio of 85/8.
  3. Oh great, I dropped again!
  4. What about a 21 year old that hasn't played in GHL yet? That seems like a rookie to me. I wouldn't necessarily count say a 25 year old from RUHL. OR instead/plus a Rookie of the Year, have a Young Gun award for best player on entry level contract? Just some suggestions, sadly I don't think I will have time to do the research for any awards, so I will be happy with whatever that person determines. It'd also be cool to start some 'award talk' about half way through the season (or sooner!) just to generate buzz and draw attention to players and story lines, etc. Maybe it'll draw in more than us usual 6-8 managers to talk.
  5. What defines a "rookie"? Are we going with simply someone with ZERO GHL games before? Just curious and like that as a new end of year category, but pity the person trying to determine it. Eldred Elite, as always, has very lofty goals this year! Listed in order of importance: 1. Win a playoff series, preferably against those bastards Prairie Stars/Regals! 2. Assuming last year is no fluke and my goalie Glandon is truly entering his prime, have him lead the league in Shutouts. He came close last year with 8. 3. Have S1 first round draft pick (#24) William Obeng prove he belongs to be a starter this season. He's getting a go as 3rd Line center to see if he can improve that line's role after a horrible S4. 4. Go deep into the playoffs as several players could be eyeing retirement homes after this season. If this team can't replicate last year's success, look for the rebuild to start early!
  6. There's always next season! ha! Cutter really is a beast and should probably get the playoff MVP if they win the Cup.
  7. Steve

    Manager Graveyard

    These kids today with their need for instant gratification! :P
  8. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    Although, Thomas was a bit of an a-hole about the whole White House visit, but maybe he was just ahead of his time! I've never understood the visit to the WH for sports champions anyways, pretty dumb in my opinion.
  9. Just like NHL, I'd love to see ties and/or no shootouts be brought back!
  10. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    He looked perfect last night against the Flyers. The Flyers played far better than Boston for at least 40 mins of that game and Carter Hart had a damn near perfect game, but Rask was perfect and that is why Boston won.
  11. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    Guess he didn't learn anything from Tim Thomas.
  12. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    I'm fine with the luck and chance part of the game, usually. I mean, if the "better" team won every time, then why play the season, just give the trophy to the team that looks best on paper. BUT, I do wish there was a little more insight into the streaks, both teams and players. Yes, I know it must be built into the sim to recreate real teams ups and downs during a season, but sometimes that ride down seems to go on forever and nothing can stop it. Knowing what those brakes are could be nice. I've found that teams get stale, winning or losing, and some minor changes are enough to bring the team back to .500.
  13. I'll take an inconsistent C, F or D-man over an inconsistent G any day of the week! So frustrating.
  14. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    "Tomorrow is the Steal Heads, boys! Everyone in AAHL is getting called up!"
  15. Steve

    Cage trash talk

    I'd love a targeting option. For instance, we already have Left Wing Lock, why not have a target for certain player, etc. I also wish we could differentiate between lines the tactic they use. Some I want to be assholes, others I want to only take a punch and walk away. Having everyone on the team with the same tactic takes away the point of having different lines. But realize I am nitpicking at this point! But there are teams where all I really care about is hurting them as much as possible no matter the final score, haha. Just give us THAT option and I'll be happy!
  16. Glad to see my couple moves have really moved me up in the rankings from last season. BUT man, look at those SG numbers in the West! I have one of the worst at 87ovr!?!? Can I petition Anders to move to the East?
  17. Yeah, with the relaunch, we actually LOST some search ability in the data. Ok, we got advanced stats, but whatev, I'd still prefer the old search of outgoing contracts. For a game that prides itself on scouting, it seems like it tries to make it extra hard. If you could download a game world of players which likely already exists in some sort of database in the raw data that the game engine is pulling from (but I am far from a software developer), you could include all players, including AAHL and the other non-playable leagues pretty straight forward.
  18. I think Wolverines pull the upset against the Stars having played both teams so often. And Hawks look like they are getting back towards their Biscuit style domination!?! Not good news for any of us! But I can root for them for at least one playoff run this year, ha! I think it will be Dragons vs Nightmares (rematch?) in the East. Both teams gave me lots of problems this year and I think if they don't have any individual breakdowns, both teams can win 3 of 5 against their opponents.
  19. I'd still like to see most overpaid (Salary/Pts) and Best Bargain (Salary/Goals). Wish there was a way to export ALL the league data with one dump instead of 28 different screens (really 56 since stats and salary are on different tabs).
  20. Just going to leave this here.... The Elite are the first GHL team to win TWO Relegation Playoff matchups! HA!
  21. In theory. I think some have tried and even managed to be somewhat successful with this, but like a lot of things in the game, the theory doesn't always play out. I think some tactics (offense, defense, and even focus) inherently are "better" in the game engine and lead to better results even if other tactics are countered accordingly. Obviously, this is all anecdotal based on my experiences and possibly completely false, but if you look at the teams (not managers) that win over the past years (not just seasons), there is definitely a pattern for those that do well over many seasons.
  22. This is a great topic and something I have been contemplating lately after having been around this game for coming up on five years now! Lately, I've actually been almost forgetting about my team. I don't think it is because I have other distractions, I think I've just lost some of the thrill. What I liked a lot about Biscuit is that it was a small, tight community between all the GHL and SHL managers. I still feel the current system has too many teams to really communicate with more than half regularly. Its still more or less the same 10 of us from Biscuit that talk in Cage. I like the discussion, open analysis, and joking around. Most of that is gone now. I also feel like the reboot isn't really any better than it was before (slight improvements) and I admit I've struggled as a manager a lot more in Cage than Biscuit. Part of me wants to do the rebuild at a lower level and just enjoy the game without the threat of demotion which generally erases most of all the effort you put into that season or even seasons before. I really enjoy the experimentation and knowing that even when you find something that works, you will have to fiddle with it throughout the season. I do feel like there is a bit of a magic formula that takes away from the game (how many teams use control the puck, for instance?!?!?), but like Paul, I've used and tried almost every offense and defense combo over the years and enjoy making a team into a style. Winning is fun, losing is not, but if you have a fun community, it's fun to laugh about getting spanked 7-1, haha.
  23. Truly epic. In fact, my team was so impressed they kept stopping and watching him skate right on past!