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    I believe rosters and draft class between 2017-2021 are missing, we should make this a project to fill in the missing gaps
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Looking good
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    I'm on a mission updating that Historical file. For the moment I set my sight on getting a decent bigger player pool at the start of 2002 season. I picked that season since that's when the aligment are as we know it today. I will release shortly that file then I get on adding 2018,2019 and maybe 2020 new players. My aim is that it should be playable to start in 2002 and move forward with correct new draftees. My biggest problem is that the game when starting are messing huge with OVR numbers that are setup in the old file, and even on my new players. I hoped to fill all teams with 65-70 players and then have some 100 in the FA pool when one start and that looks good, with the bad thing the AI in-game setting up the start thinks some of those FA should be very good players, that's between 80-90. Hang in and it will pop up on Wolverine website.