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    Soccer or Football?!

    As for the history... The Rugby Rules and the Sheffield Rules date from the 1850s Ivy League teams started playing each other using a hybrid rule set in the 1860s, then more closely resembling Rugby in the 1870s 1872 The first meeting of the Football Association meets in London where they adopt the Sheffield Rules for Football, creating Association Football. The members who supported the Rugby Rules quit and form the Rugby Football Union. 1880-1890s Down and dstance rules, the forward pass and scrimmages are introduced into the collegiate game in the US by legends like Walter Camp, Pop Warner and John Heisman. So... American Football is slightly younger than Association Football. But there's not a lot in it.
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    Detailed GM Games to Recommend?

    Nothing beats Football Manager but Draft Day Sports stuff is excellent
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    Glad to get the mods
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    Soccer or Football?!

    I'm pretty sure soccer came first, at least in other parts of the world. But for me football will always be good old fashioned American football. My European wife likes to call football "handegg" because soccer is football to her. And in soccer you actually kick the ball with your foot for most of the game, blah blah blah. I can see her logic, but I will never relent!