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    Season 8 Chat

    I got my leading scorer back just in time for the last game of the GHL finals, after surviving without him for a 7 game injury. Helped make the difference!
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    The much anticipated matchup between the Broncos and Raiders, both 8-5 and tied, along with the Chargers, for the AFC West lead coming into the stretch. Hollas threw for over 350 yards in each of last season's 2 games (354 in Denver a 41-21 Raider victory, and 387 yds in Oakland, a 42-14 Raider victory). The Denver personnel are a bit banged up coming in. Starting HB Michael Bennet however, acquired in a trade with the Vikings before the season, is having a stellar year for Denver, averaging 4.9 yds a carry on 220 carries thus far and has rushed for 15 TDs. The Raider pass defense has had issues, but the Run defense has yielded an NFL low 2.7 yds/carry... a very large part of the Raider success, and the reason they have still looked good on defense. The weather at game time was blustery, with a temperature of 53F and a brisk wind of 16mph. The Broncos won the coin toss and took the field at their own 20 after a touchback on the kickoff. A quick 3-and-out as Bennet carried twice for 4 yards and a sack on the lone pass play. Hester fielded the ensuing punt at his own 36 and turned on the jets. After a 42 yard punt return, the Raiders scored on a one play strike from Hollas to WR Graddy, and it seemed that the Raiders would dominate this game. At halftime the Raiders led by a 24-3 score. Bennet had been held to 13 yds rushing on 8 carries. The Raiders had played turnover free ball, and had converted 7-8 third downs...two of their more serious questions coming into the game. In the third quarter, defense dominated, as both teams only managed a FG, and the Raider lead going to the 4th Quarter stood at 27-6. In the 4th Quarter, the Broncos staged a furious rally, with TD drives of 6 plays 72 yds, and 5 plays 58 yds. At 4:50 left to play, the score was Oakland 30 Denver 20. The Raiders punted from their own endzone, and Denvers PR, CB Brown, slipped into high gear, and brings the ball all the way back to the Red Zone with a 28 yard return to the Oakland 19. 4 plays later Bennet carries it in from 3 yards out, and the score is 30-27. Denver still has all their time outs, and their coach elects to kick off with 2:56 to play. Raiders McCallum carries 3 yards- Denver Timeout #1. 2:49 to play, 2nd and 7 at the Raider 26. Raiders Hollas back to pass, no receiver open, he takes off on a scramble...2 yard gain, Denver Timeout #2 2:38 to play, Raider 3rd and 5 their own 28. Denver with one timeout remaining, plus the two minute warning. On the Raider side... a coaching decision between running the ball to force another timeout, but low odds of a first down, or throwing the ball and if incomplete, only using a few seconds. We opt to throw the ball. Hollas back to pass a quick out pattern...but the routes break down, and as he dumps it to the safety valve RB, the Broncos RLB steps in front, and the first Raider turnover of the game proves very costly. LB Jenkins sprints 14 yards before running out of gas. Denver 1st and 10 at the Oakland 17 YL. Raiders D steps up and stuffs Bennet on 1st down for -2 Yds. 2nd and 12, a Fade route by the Broncos. WR Speece open in the End Zone, and the Broncos have their first lead 34-30 1:58 to play and the 2 minute warning. Broncos kick a squib ball. Raider football, 1st and 10 Raider 38 Yard Line. Hollas back to pass, sacked for a 9 yard loss. 1:47 2nd and 19 Raider 29. Hollas back to pass...pump fake to WR2 Deary, WR1 Graddy streaking and UNCOVERED! Hollas hits him in stride at the Denver 48...40...35 brought down at the Denver 32 YL a 39 yard strike, Raider timeout #2. Raider 1st and 10. Graddy is winded and is replaced by WR 4 Erik Thomas... a speed improvement of 82 vs 78 but dropoff in "Hands" of 96-90. Raiders line up with an empty backfield, 3 Wide Left 2 Right. Thomas on the Right goes in motion to the Left, the snap, Hollas back, throws into traffic in the middle of the field, Hester has it and is tackled immediately, gain of 11 moves the chains, first down Raider! First and 10 at the Denver 21. Raiders use their final timeout. Hollas back to pass, sacked at the Denver 27, but this play will be brought back, Holding against the Defense, 5 yards and a first down...Raider 1st and 10 at the Denver 16, 1:01 to play. Hollas back to pass, Deary in the endzone, TOUCHDOWN Raiders! Raiders 37-34 San Diego 9-5 Oakland 9-5 Denver 8-6
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    Part IV The next game is away against top 5 West team Flying Legends. A 6-4 win, with 1G 3A from Weichert and 9 points from the “God” line is a noticeable improvement from the previous games. Two more wins follow, then five, and soon the Black Devils’ are streaking at 11 games, and the team is 1st in the East standings. Depth arrives via trades, but this time Rasputin keeps his valuable 1st round pick. Rotating in on Weichert’s wing is playmaker Bruun, who will finish the season leading the team with 33 goals. The good form continues into the final stretch, with the Black Devils, Kingsmen, and Castaways chasing the division-leading Timberwolves. With just over 20 games to go and only 4 points between Vermilion and West Chicago, there is a home and away series with the Riders to navigate. Vermilion took the previous game 5-1, and there should be nothing to worry about. But the Devils come out flat, not clinical, and end the day with a 5-3 loss despite doubling up the Riders with shots. This is a precursor of things to come. Vermilion G Moller has a poor game, never feeling comfortable - but he will have another chance in two days. The team files off the ice 7 points back, but with plenty of track still to go. The next morning, troubling reports arrive. Moller is nowhere to be found, absent from morning practice and MIA. Players report seeing him dazed the previous night, the look of a man whose mind is far away. Rasputin quickly organizes a search party and brings in team doctors. Did Moller get a concussion the previous game? The medical team answers in the negative. But who knows, concussions are easy to miss and affect everyone differently. Players and professionals scour the city for their missing teammate. His cellphone is off. Bure raises troubling concerns of organized crime activity by competitors. He points out the questionable nature of Warman GM Wick Schozen, known for his elaborate and barely-legal antics to derail other teams, and matching Rasputin for foul language and drinking volume. Rasputin flies to meet Wick alone with two bottles of rum. Warman media reports the two carousing around the edge of the town, causing thousands of dollars in property damage and leaving equivalent sums of cash behind. Three hours later Rasputin returns satisfied of Wick's innocence in the matter. But the clock is ticking, and going shot for shot with other GMs to find out the truth is not an effective solution. Pulling on his military experience, Stezhensky and team experts psychologically profile Moller, identify his frequented places, and investigate all of them. As time ticks and evening falls, the team comes across an isolated, old farmhouse in the prairies outside Vermilion. Inside, huddled in a blanket and in a near-catatonic state, is the Vermilion starting goaltender. Turning his blank gaze onto his captain, he whispers “I should have had that shot”. The next game is tomorrow, and Rasputin has Bure make a mental health announcement to the team and brings in a team psychologist. In a closed-door session with Rasputin and Moller, the psychologist recommends the goaltender sits for 3-4 games to regain his mental equilibrium. But Moller wants to play. Rasputin knows what it’s like to not have an opportunity to redeem yourself in front of your teammates, so he stands behind his player. Moller will start the crucial 2nd half of the home-and-away against Welsford Riders.
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