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    This week GM Games was contacted by Dave Wilson, Senior Editor of ESPN. Our conversation talked about the history of sports sims, the differences between AAA sporting titles, his family and the current simulation replays of events lost. It was an honor to be considered for reference. For the organization, being at this since 2011, it is a milestone to receive the acknowledgement of the effort for sim sports lovers. It is with pleasure to share the article from ESPN for our users and hope more people find their way in to simulation sport gaming. “Sims are more about stats and strategy than they are about winning reflexes,” said Chris Valius, director of GMGames.org, which chronicles and reviews such games. “Sims tap into the curiosity of how teams are constructed and coached.” as per ESPN. Dave references and chronicles many of the sports simulation developers we have been including on our website for years. You will find these games under our categories either by sport or platform in our navigation menu. Unfortunately, it is an odd time for sports considering the loss of march madness, delay of major league baseball, and the postponed NBA and NHL playoff schedule. Let’s hope that we get the real thing back as soon as possible. For those indoors and are learning about these games, you will find a list of free games here to try. Please join the GM Games discord server and tell us about your favorite games or career stories. Signed, Chris, Director of GMGames.org The post ESPN story references General Manager (GM) Games appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    I wonder if Season 4 will turn out like the others?
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    Paul you devious fellow. I had only ever looked at the transfers contract screen. That said, I am stubborn in my conviction that a player's movement on the terms of their current contract should not be limited. . .
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    Welcome to the forum

    Love the game so far
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    Cage trash talk

    Personally, I agree with you on Rask vs Thomas.