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    Version '98 (PC)


    DISCORD Community for FB Pro 98! https://discord.gg/832cUXx Patched to 1.08 for Windows 10 PC and 64 bit (Tested and Works for Windows 10! with 1.08) FBPro98 1) Mount file FPSFB_98 2) Run the SETUP.EXE file from the mounted ISO CD drive and install game 3) Copy and overwrite all contents from our FbPro98 folder in this zip file to where you installed the game 4) Run our HIKE.EXE that has been copied over Go to utilities you will see version 1.08 Overview The FB Pro 98 version did have a completely revamped user interface that was a significant improvement over prior years. Actual NFL player photos were introduced in the '98 version. In addition, arcade play was now available to play via multiplayer over the Internet. Audio play-by-play was also added, although it was considered lackluster. Non-NFL stadiums and cities were now available as well and a more precise weather system was also included in the new release. Teams could also create and customize their own schedules. The '98 version also had significant improvements in Internet multiplayer play in regards to stability and match making.
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    First off, a big Congratulations to Bouncer and the West Chicago Hawks on the ever so coveted GHL championship this season in Cage! - My plan following the conclusion of the GHL finals this season is for a complete relocation/rebranding of the Netherhill Nightmares, (its DEFERIETly an original idea which has never been tried before, EVER. (Dont @ me)) - With the conclusion of the GHL finals, i am pleased to anounce that the Netherhill Nightmares have Officially Been relocated and rebranded to become: The Maxville Vortex Effective Immediately.