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PCFantaCanestro PCF2017 Basketball - Full Free Game and Mods Eurobasket 2017 v2.0

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About This File

As per the PCFantaCanestro PCF2017 Basketball website, courtesy of Kostia Rossi.


2 Files (429 MB Total)


Game Install

Run PCF17_Setup_200.exe


Real Names and Graphics Mod

Run PCF17_Setup_Mod_Graphics.exe


* New User Interface
* New Leagues: Iran, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Qatar and Panama
* New Second Division for: Uruguay, Portugal, Latvia and Czech Republic
* Basketball Champions League and Alpe Adria Cup
* Club Facilities
* Player's Agency
* Online roster update
* General Improvements
* 70 national leagues, 18 to second division and 5 to third division // NBA and NCAA
* 45 League cups and 36 Super cups // 12 International Club Competitions
* 11 Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Serbian and Croatian 63k players // 2000 teams
* Live 2D simulation // NBA Draft and Live Draws // NT Competitions
* Tactics and Trainings, individual and group // Transfermarket // Staff
* Arena: tickets and upgrade // Individual stats and awards for players and teams
* Arcade Mode // Custom Team Mode // Players and Teams Editor // History Teams

What's New in Version Eurobasket 2017 v2.0


  • Version 2.0 Eurobasket 2017

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On 7/17/2023 at 5:46 AM, Chris said:

you post twice

I post 10 times, why i cannot download?

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