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PureSim Baseball 6 (PC) Full Version 6.12B (PC) v6.12B

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Courtesy of puresimbaseball.com and Shaun Sullivan

THE LAST OFFICIAL VERSION, V6.12B from 2015 , WORKING on Windows 10 !


You are the Manager

You are not just in charge of building the roster, you can call the on-field shots too. Guard the lines, pinch hit, bring in the closer for a 2 inning save, it's up to you... If you'd rather sit back as GM hire any of over 100 historical managers modeled after their real-world tendencies.


You are the GM

Call all the shots, sign the contracts, draft the rookies... You are in full control. A sophisticated financial model offers a great challenge to aspiring GM's that want to take a small market team to the World Series.


Dynamic Presentation

PureSim's innovative in-game PSPN feature generates a virtual web site that tracks the key stories as your dynasty unfolds.


Historical Scope

Draft teams and play any season 1900-2012. Dump them all to a pool or play with the real rosters and schedules. Drink in the history with the player cards that include all real MLB player stats, links to Wikipedia, real historical box scores, and more.


World Class Simulation Engine

PureSim can simulate any year in Baseball history using fictional or real players with unparalleled accuracy. The ball is really "dead" in the dead ball era.

What's New in Version (PC) v6.12B   See changelog


PureSim Version 6 (6.12B)

This is the last version (v612b) before the game creators departure (2015).


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Spent countless hours on this game, and received a ton of enjoyment from it. The only other baseball sim that comes close to pure fun for me is Baseball Pro: '98!

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Nice to know that exists a freeware baseball manager game that allows you play any season from 1900, just like newer OOTP games. Looks like I would download this one.

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