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Freeware Game Downloads

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Basketball Management Freeware Game Downloads

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  1. PCFantaCanestro PCF2017 Basketball - Full Free Game and Mods

    As per the PCFantaCanestro PCF2017 Basketball website, courtesy of Kostia Rossi.
    2 Files (429 MB Total)
    Game Install
    Run PCF17_Setup_200.exe
    Real Names and Graphics Mod
    Run PCF17_Setup_Mod_Graphics.exe
     More Game Information Here: http://gmgames.org/pcfantacanestro-pcf2017-basketball/WHAT'S NEW IN PCF2017:* New User Interface* New Leagues: Iran, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Qatar and Panama* New Second Division for: Uruguay, Portugal, Latvia and Czech Republic* Basketball Champions League and Alpe Adria Cup* Club Facilities* Player's Agency* Online roster update* General Improvements ABOUT:* 70 national leagues, 18 to second division and 5 to third division // NBA and NCAA* 45 League cups and 36 Super cups // 12 International Club Competitions* 11 Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Serbian and Croatian 63k players // 2000 teams* Live 2D simulation // NBA Draft and Live Draws // NT Competitions* Tactics and Trainings, individual and group // Transfermarket // Staff* Arena: tickets and upgrade // Individual stats and awards for players and teams* Arcade Mode // Custom Team Mode // Players and Teams Editor // History Teams




  2. Sportando Basket Manager SBM16 (PC)

    Updated March 26th, 2016 Latest Versionv1.0.1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Supported OS: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit
    RAM: 2GB
    Disk Space: 400MB 63 national leagues, including 12 to the second division and 4 until the third divisionItalian League until the fifth division (Serie C)NBA (O "alloy United States")45 Cups of alloy36 supercups alloy10 continental competitions for Europe, Asia and South America10 LANGUAGES Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan, Israeli, Russian, Polish, Serbian49k players1608 teams 2D simulation of the game Draft draws and competitions "live"National competitions continental, world and OlympicTactics and training, and team inidividualimarket playersstaffArena: extension and input pricesDetailed statistics for each player, individual premiumsArcade modeCreating custom teamEditor Teams and PlayersTeams Historic




  3. PCFantaCanestro Basketball PCF14 - Full Version (Freeware)

    THIS NEEDS THE DIRECTX addon to WORK! Files are Executeable, but are VALIDATED SAFE.
    DirectX Web Setup: Here! 
    MAC Users: Here!
    After the success in 2013 (33,000 downloads from 84 countries on 5 continents), now available is the new version of PCF14, in its ninth edition, with completely new revamped graphics. 

    PCF (PCFantaCanestro) is a basketball management game totally free, and once again offers you the chance to fill the role of president/coach of one of the 1,350 teams in the game. 

    The game modes are basically four: the world's most popular (NBA), the most played by the users (FIBA / International), the longest (a career starting from the slums of the Italian DNC) and the brand new Arcade mode, a sort of Fantasy League with a lot of historical teams of the past (with the opportunity to coach his majesty Michael Jordan!). 

    With PCF you can really manage every aspect of your team: finance, arena, transfer market, contracts with sponsors and players, training, tactics and staff. Each year you will receive your goals from the management and, thanks to a good economic management, you will be able to be confirmed as manager or to take the step toward to the offerings of top teams. At the end of each season, there will be the opportunity to coach a national team and fight in the relative FIBA tournament (Continental, World Cup or Olympics). 

    PCF database includes more than 48,000 players with more than 30 individual characteristics. As available competitions, you will have the opportunity to try your hand in: 

    • 76 domestic leagues updated to 2013/2014 formats 
    • NBA 
    • Eurolega, EuroCup, EuroChallenge, Lega Adriatica, Lega Baltica, VTB League and Balkan League 
    • Asia Champions Cup, Asean Basketball League and West Asia Basketball League 
    • FIBA Americas League and Liga Sudamericana 

    PCF14 is available in 9 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Russian, Serbian, Polish and German (Polish and German are a 2013 add-on). 

    One big new for 2014 version is PCFLive (formerly known as B2D) who gives you the chance to see live the final plays of your match. 

    PCF also has an online standing (you can check it on the website) so you can compare yourself with all the best coaches in the world.




  4. Major League Soccer Manager

    1997 Soccer Management game created by Dan Ryazansky that simulates Major League Soccer from 1997 to ...
    Full game released as freeware.
    May require Otvdm/winevdm to run on modern systems as it was a 16-bit game. 




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