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In Topic: The Highland Potters [Pennant Wars]

January 04, 2017 - 08:35 PM

For some reason this thread popped back to mind. I figured I'd provide a brief update:


  • 2021 the Potters earned a promotion to D1
  • 2022 won 101 games in D1 and earned a quarterfinals berth. Lost in 4 games to the eventual champ.
  • 2026 returned to the playoffs and made it to the finals, losing in 6 to the Canadian Narwhals.
  • 2026 began a series of 13 consecutive playoff appearances for the Potters, a Williams league record.
  • 2029 Potters won their first (and to date, only) championship!
  • 2038 final playoff appearance. Lost in the semis.
  • 2041 finished the season 77-85 and lost a relegation ladder match.

And that brings the Potters up-to-date. Current in-game season is 2043. The Potters are still in D2 but are vying for a promotion berth. We'll see how it goes!