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In Topic: We got any happy Seattlers here?

December 04, 2018 - 07:29 PM

Not from Seattle, but I'm happy for them. They deserve a new franchise from a major sports league. I'm from Vegas, so it's good to see a new expansion team in that regard too. :)

In Topic: Goalies...

December 03, 2018 - 05:59 PM

Goalie performance seems to be pretty random. Not sure what influences it.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

November 27, 2018 - 01:58 PM

Jersey design set.  Represent.




Here's mine. There was a red engine logo but I can't seem to find it in the UAT beta...hopefully it will be available in the new release, since it's already in the current version. Other than that, I think I like it.




Some other variations, not sure which one looks better.




In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

November 23, 2018 - 06:50 PM

Very nice!


The past two updates have been key for me.  My favorite aspect of this game is strategically building a team within the cap limitations.  The contract update will add some major depth to this game, which is great.  And like Deadwing, the new customization options for team jerseys is probably what I am looking forward to the most. 


Just a minor thought, but could the contracts for super-star players be even higher?  To relate to NHL contracts, McDavid sits at 12.5M per.  Tavares, Kane, Price, Toews, Eichel and Kopitar are all 10M+.


In any case, Thanks for the updates!  Really looking forward to this.


(is it appropriate to post the South Park image of Randy Marsh when he finally gets access to the internet after losing it for a few months???)


Yeah, I agree, making the asking prices even higher for the top players would deifnitely help a lot with balance.  9-12 million seems like a nice range.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

November 23, 2018 - 06:48 PM

I think GHL is still the highest league in the new release.


I love the new contract updates. Will the salary cap be changed as well? Perhaps adjusting it to be a little smaller than it is now will help balance things out some more with the new changes.