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In Topic: Cage trash talk

May 11, 2019 - 12:48 PM

Finally in first place! Apologies to Paul T...

In Topic: NHL discussion

April 20, 2019 - 06:26 PM

VGK has looked good so far. I'm interested to see if Gusev plays....he would helpd them out a lot if given a chance I think.

In Topic: Top Jerseys

March 24, 2019 - 04:20 PM

I was always a fan of the Scarlett/Grey combo (I grew up in Las Vegas, big UNLV fan), so that's why I went with the grey scheme. Works well with Ohio State too. 

In Topic: Top Jerseys

March 20, 2019 - 05:17 PM

No love for my simplistic scarlett and gray approach?  :o

In Topic: Red Tide/Arcola Trade

March 17, 2019 - 12:28 AM

Hopefully we don't have any more dodgy activites like this once the trial period ends.