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In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 15, 2018 - 04:38 PM

Hi I just want to comment about the subscription. I think that the subscription idea is very good but me I am only 15 years old so I can't really pay the money for the subscription and I have already ask to my parents to pay for the All Star manager but they refuse. They don't want to spend money on video game. I really don't make this comment to ask for a free subscrption but Tobias and the moderators, you should give a reward to those that win for example 5 or 10 free hockey league championship to give them a life free subsrciption. It would be a good way for those who don't want or just can't put the money in it despite your REALLY REALLY BIG AND GOOD WORK on this game to have a subscription. SO manager will need to show there inflatuation to get this BIG rward by being very active and you will give a goal to free league manager. Becuase if you make a free hockey league with nothing at the end I am sure that you will loose a lot of human manager. 
So in conclusion you should give managers who win FHL series and who are very active at free life subscription.

This would be a recipe for mass cheating

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 14, 2018 - 03:59 AM

Another thing I was thinking about. I'm not a big fan of the reset but I do understand why it would happen. That being said, how about the option to take 2 or 3  players from our current squad and take them to our new team? That way, the hard work some managers had over the last years can be less painful. 
Yes, there would be 2 or 3 top players in every team but all the rest would be evenly matched.

I don't think this would work well. Game worlds were never meant to have more than 3 or 4 90 overalls from what I heard. This would be a problem in Lumber in particular

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 13, 2018 - 02:07 PM

IMO, I'm a big fan of a total reset in terms of players/stats. Some game worlds suffer from really high stat inflation which has become, quite frankly, incredibly unrealistic. It may help reduce the average retirement age to a more realistic number as well.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 10, 2018 - 04:54 AM


spreadsheets isnt premium, but making it easier could be a pretty big thing. what takes me a month (not constantly, obviously) to manually put in with likely errors could be done in minutes the day before the draft. also a game i played let people order id numbers and upload a draft order which would make it easier as well. with the bigger worlds, i will need the longer season to go through the entire draft...



on that note, one worry i have had since before the new ones, will juniors have simmed a few seasons before the first in the new world? my ratings are useless without that... then again if things change, as they seemingly will, they will likely be useless anyhow


the talk of community is nailing it in my mind. I am trying to convince myself to at least try it a few months, but especially if features are still trickling in and all the time ive sunk into my own (likely shit) formulas turn useless, it feels more like starting a new game than continuing. as others ive grown attached to my team, and though i have made moves to get older, the core i built when i started is just reaching mid 20s and i am in my first season after promotion. if those attachments are gone, meaningless arrays that they are, then i would be staying for the community. if littleb and other familiar names go, i will honestly spend all my time regretting money spent, which i tend to do anyways. 3.50 is doable, i do wish it was per season and not per month. 42 dollars is where it starts to get uncomfortable. i dont spend that much on games, ive loosened up to buying old games on sale. then i own them and i can go through them when i have time.  what the game has is community because 42 dollars per year, then a few years its 126 and it just starts to look like a bad purchase for me when a tenth that can get something on sale. i dont know. I had myself convinced to try it a few months and now i am swaying back the other way. i like anders, i like the game, i like the idea of anders making money, but its pretty much going to be a new game if substantial people are leaving, and if i had joined a game where i was to pay after the first month, id have at best quit after a few days if i gave it a chance at all. 



my intention was to provide things that could make the game easier and customizable rather than true advantages. i vastly prefer to spend a couple actual years as a feeder team building up resources then go win a title than pay to play. to me, i just assumed there were tons of pay to play games where there wasnt extra stuff. i have actually never, i think, paid monthly fees for a game. ive put some money into games, but generally that was when i was under the impression the things i got from that would last. when the game changed and those things went away and required monthly payments, i left, even with still some funds of a sort there. ET please dont take this personally, but from my perspective I think i have possibly disagreed with every single comment you have posted in this thread (finally made myself read it all, sorry for the spam) just different perspectives. there is separate leagues, some where you pay per month and get everything, other ones where you can unlock everything for the same price, but you can unlock some features for less or none at all for free. i might pay a dollar to not have to input all those number manually as that is where i spend the vast majority of my time in this game. a dollar every few months is more than fine by me, but i wouldnt ever change my name, even if it only cost a dime everytime,  the customization i wouldnt care about. i personally dont see a lot of these thigns as pay to win, its more pay to customize or make things easier, but i can see how to some, pay for eaze could be like pay to win, especially if they think going through whole draft classes is ridiculous. i do it and i think it is. ideal for me, is that the game would take time or money for about the same results. those who invest more time can get all the functions that aid players, they just have to put the work in. times when they can't, they will suffer. those who put work in and pay would have an easier time and probably be more prone to faster leagues or more teams. then again with some of my ideas that would cost them extra so that isnt so fair either. 

i think they nailed it when calling this a make or break move. i think, biased as i am, that is what this is, and without a lot of community help pushing it and ADs that hit the right people, i worry this is a potential break. Reading the comments i started worrying even more about people leaving. if the game becomes mostly playing it alone then 120+ dollars over 3 years is horrible. I kind of feel like i would be paying that much to send paul the occasional message. 
others brought it up, but i would strongly urge, though i am sure it is harder to do. whatever the price is, it almost has to be per season and not per month. it would likely devastate slower leagues. though if its not per team then i guess some could try to get more for there money by more teams and not faster leagues. I do share the worry that we are keeping worlds, expanding them. adding new ones, then almost assurely losing over 50% or players when full worlds transferring would only about half fill the new leagues. My first thought would be to try and cut down on leagues almost till they start to fill though that will have other problems, i think empty leagues could be absolutely fatal to this game. rather than a faster league, if i try multiple slow teams... with this model how many slow leagues can we really fill enough of? also as a#@! as i am about going through whole draft classes, for me it just wouldnt work unless there were an easier way to begin with. i am odd and not indicative, but its hard to see the changes working out for me though i think i at least owe anders to give it a chance.
again, in my experience, the best manager game i played allowed people to do it and beat and entire world of thousands of other people for free, it just took more work  and speaking to others to learn tricks. I am biased and think that is thus the way to go, because it agreed well with me, and if it didnt have 2 games a day and times i needed to be up at 5-6 am on weekends i would still be actively playing it most likely. that game has lost a lot of people but is still a much much larger game that is translated and has support in a number of languages and a much larger staff, and even then i dont think it is fully funding them anymore and they have had to start other games, etc. I tend to think bouncer is right about focusing on growth, but again i am biased and that is easier said than done. 
other comments, feed into pride. in said game international winners get press and immortalized in a sense, i got a small trophy shipped overseas to me which i dont suggest. its low priority, but a formal hall of fame for a teams great players or champions visible or listed cross world can all play into pride some. i still log in to the other game ot see if records still stand or to clear the unworthy out of my team hall of fame. I have no idea what happens in worlds other than biscuit and if i were able to, i would at least be curious enough to go flipping through other worlds looking at differences or for familiar names
edit: holy shit this started as a short response, i am apparently physically incapable of being concise. I probably need more human contact or something



Well, don't worry,. the feeling is mutual. :)


I'm having a hard understanding your point, but I think growth won't be a problem if Anders and Glawing manage to get some visibility on this game through advertising.

In Topic: Cheating Thread- Dangles

August 10, 2018 - 04:39 AM

Hmmm...I wonder who it could be!