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In Topic: Top Jerseys

March 23, 2019 - 07:41 PM

Ohh.. didn't notice this thread here for a while.


Well thanks to Matt's pointers, I redesigned the jersey to a much darker color scheme, abandoning the orange completely. https://gameplanhock.../team?gpid=49-A


My preferred jerseys since I've gone through them all...


GHL: Deferiet Leopards (clean and distinctive jersey), Brass Castle Berzerkers and Missisauga Stealheads (both nice and easy to recognize)


SHL: Crabtree Defenders, Rocky Mountain House Owls (I don't mind bright if it's just stylish enough) :)


BHL: Summertown Sixpack (just because it's funny, yet kinda cool), Cape Girardeau Legends (Crisp and nice)


CHL: Finnegan Serpents (One of the few ones where highlight works better than shadow), Dustin White Devils (Cool in its simplicity)


IHL: Butte City Battlers (This league has more meh shirts than any other.. not sure if it's the high amount of computer managers maybe... didn't really check)


LIHL: Fillmore Hillcats, Camden Nighthawks, Torrington Thunderbolts, Ripon Scorpions (nicely distinctive color scheme and easily recognizable), Gravenhurst Hounds (the cool is here), Natashquan Assassins (just like this one for some reason), Goldville Knights (really nice and neat jersey), Harrow Lynx (simply because I think I know where the idea of this shirt comes from), 


Some people like brighter, some darker and some in between.. I was looking at the jerseys and trying to think would I recognize one later. This is kind of moot as well since you tend to remember your worst/best rivalries in any case. A lot of very nice ones, but also a lot of jerseys that I think the manager just didn't care enough to put in the effort.


EDIT: I'm not big on New York Rangers, but as Matt pointed out on chat, the color scheme is not really widely represented, so I decided to run with it while it's still early. If the away jersey ever sees daylight, and I'm going to bug Anders about it until it does, I think using white base color with red highlights spiced with blue numbers and collar will fit quite nicely.


Edit 2: ET2018, your jersey looks good, but it doesn't really make me go ooooh wow! My hometown team used grey jerseys at one point and it's just really doesn't kick me as a main color. I'm just one opinion though. It's very clean and crisp, so if I learn to hate your team enough, I'm sure it's as great of a color choice as any. :D


Edit 3: Pullman T-Birds, I got you marked as an all time enemy. You took my old logo before I got here! :D Can't wait to meet you on ice. Fairplay tactic = ridiculously and overly violent! :P

In Topic: Cage trade page

March 23, 2019 - 07:09 PM





Fairly good defender if you don't need a speedy gonzalez.. Will take second pick or good trade value prospect OR a well defending and speedy forward.

In Topic: A Question about Focus Assignements

March 23, 2019 - 06:18 PM

It's a lot of trial and error. There are no definitive help files, just general guides and they're under construction as a result of 2.0 launch. Every manager wants their team to play their own way and be successful, and it's absolutely possible, but may take a few seasons to build up to what you want it to be.


Think of your grand vision. How do you want your team to play? Then start building toward that. It can be very frustrating and downright depressing, but when things begin to click, it's better than mediocre sex.


Don't be shy to join the chat. A lot of good advice and pointers to gain there. Just have enough confidence to say hello and it goes from there. Highest population on chat is usually around the game simulations.


Welcome aboard and stick around, I promise you it'll be worth it if hockey team managing is your thing.

In Topic: Stealth patches

March 23, 2019 - 12:45 PM

I get it, no worries. It's just irritating for the user to find things just suddenly changed and causes some confusion about what else might have changed, and so the spiral of panic is ready to begin.


Thank you for the fast reaction.

In Topic: LIHL Players

March 19, 2019 - 12:22 PM

I was understanding that player development should be in better shape now, actually allowing you to grow your own stars. Anything else would be just a giant step backwards since that's what most teams will have to do in real world as well. I'm very curious to see how that works, but yes, it's very rare to see OA 70 guy in LIHL.