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Prospect transfer status

March 03, 2019 - 02:57 PM

This is a simple suggestion but can you add the transfer status to the prospects so we can put them on the block or make them untouchable?

Assistant's Report

July 22, 2018 - 05:52 PM

Not sure about this one but given I've heard the same thing happening to a lot of other teams as well, perhaps it's something to look into but if you're a GM who is reading the reports and trying to improve it can hinder you because the reports are not accurate at all in terms of how well your team did with the tactics used. I just played a game right now and lost 3-2 and all 3 goals against were scored on the PP, in fact he went 3/5 on the PP. Now I read the report and it says I did very well in my PK and it's my only green for the game. This can't possibly be correct and given this is the case for every single game, I figured I would bring it up because it is making the reports a useless part of the game. I've had 5 goals for in a game and had it tell me I had major difficulties offensively, I've shutout a team and it says my team did poorly in it's defensive tactics and so on.... So just something that might want to be looked at because it really makes no sense and I've personally spoken to other managers who inform me that the same thing happens to them.

Player Overall

March 21, 2018 - 11:26 PM

So this is probably a question for anders but if anyone knows for sure I would really love to know. I've been watching the training progress of my players throughout the season and in certain cases I've been surprised when a player's overall doesn't go up and I just wanted to put this out there incase it is a bug especially when, like everyone else, I love to see that "Assistant impressed by..." message. So using one player I've been curious about who just went up in passing and spirit very recently I'm wondering how the overall is calculated because I've tried doing it myself and for defensemen and forwards it is much more confusing with the faceoff attribute linked to said players. So here is the example and one of my players in question:


Jens Nielsen 27y/o





Now when I calculate the average it's either 93 or 98 either with or without the faceoff attribute. So I'm just wondering how this works out as it's been multiple seasons since he has improved and I've seen this with quite a few players throughout the league and I've noticed a lot of inconsistency where it seems he could be a higher overall when comparing him to other players who are a higher overall. My guess as of right now is that there is different values attached to each attribute for the different categories of players (ex. defence attribute counts more for defenseman etc...) but I'm just looking for clarification. Finally for all of you who are going to comment that overall doesn't matter, I know as this is just for curiosity as well as to make sure this isn't a minor bug so that player overall is more of an accurate representation of each player. He has been one of if not my best player for multiple seasons so I'm not concerned but he's also not my highest overall player or even forward nor is he that old that he wouldn't ever improve like older players might not. Any clarity on this would be appreciated!