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In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 16, 2018 - 10:40 AM



First of all if you wanna call me out get my name right.



i dont think that making the game a pay-to-play or pay-to-win game will make the owner of the game sacrifice less time and do less for the game. He will still have to take care of it. Money wont give him more time. I even think that making it a paying game would make him have more work because now he will feel that he owes something to those who pay to play and will have to give even more effort. And the contributing members will probably expect more from the game. I dont agree with you.


Read what he wrote, we we're on the verge of losing the game without even knowing it. Money won't give him more time? What do you know about his life? This could become a viable business which would allow him to put more time into it by adding balance to his life, because he may be able to work less hours at his real job or he could hire more people to help him with this game. And that's just off the top of my head. He loved doing this but has begun to lose the love he once had because he already has had to work more and more to keep up with the demand from GM's like you because he feels he owes it to you, all the while GM's like you already expect more and more, in fact more than those of us who actually contribute.



And when you say most of us dont care , again you are being wrong. I am sure that everyone recognize that this is alot of work. That is not the problem at all. We also spend time to play the game and we decide to use our time here on this game and now if we have to pay to play it also change the situation for us. 


You already proved my point of being selfish and entitled in the first couple of sentences but now here you did it again. You say you recognize that this is a lot of work but then try and equate it to you playing the game.... Are you serious?? Then you again make it about YOU having to pay. This is a joke.



We will also lose all the effort and time we spent to build up our teams because we will lose all our players. Did you think about this ? I been here for a few years building my team and now not only i would have to pay but i lose what i have done. I cant agree with this solution.


Did I think about it? Yeah I voted against... Not only proving the focus group is no more relevant than the rest of the forums but now I'm glad I didn't because I know that the best part of the game is starting with a new team and having to build it from scratch. The problem now is starting with a new team, especially for new players to this game, is everyone else is already set and it takes that much more effort and more time getting a good team. That deters new players from joining. Getting a complete reset opens the floods gates for a whole new group of people plus it puts us all on even ground while being completely fair to the entire community. If you take so much pride in your team like so many of us, me included, then do it again.... The game has become stagnant because no one does anything any more, we all just hold onto all our players and the game now has hardly any activity. Anders wanted to address this and he did it while considering every single person including those that haven't even joined yet all the while you once again only think of yourself.



I also have a family and spend time here and im not gonna start to cry to everyone because of it. This is my choice and i wont blame anyone or ask for a compensation. 


Again made it about yourself and you belittle Anders because you once again place the same value on you playing the game versus him creating the whole thing.... Your 2 dollars a month is worth more than anything in his life or anything he has done for this game including the hours he has put in for us? 



Again like i said in a previous message , i think that the contribution should be for those who want to have a little extra like having a logo or mascot and such things


This is already how the all-star accounts works, you can change your logo and jersey numbers.



but not for limiting players from playing in the top competition and have the opportunity to be in a focus group. Changes made to the game can easily make it lose players so i think it should be taken care of very carefully. Many like me might see it as unfair that now we cant join the top competition and will want to quit the game. I can understand that some are willing to pay but it is not for everyone. It has nothing to do with what we think about all the time the owner of the game has put here or how we appreciate it. Nothing. I also disagree with having a focus group for those who pay and the free players dont have a word to say. This is also unfair to me. Everyone should be involved. Pay to have the possibility to say what i think ? No thanks. This is like if we would tell free players that you are not important and we dont care about what you think. This is not the way to go to improve the game and make everyone happy.


How it is now has been determined it isn't working because the community hasn't grown, and if you haven't figured it out yet the option to pay is not exclusive to anyone. You, like everyone, have the choice to pay to be in the paid leagues. As for the focus group, what makes you think your voice isn't already being heard? What are you doing right now, is this not you expressing your opinion? Has Anders and Tobias not responded to this forum post? Have they not already tried to make compromises to make this better for everyone? People have been quitting this game non stop already, the problem is already present. All you did here was demonstrate how you feel entitled to have the game be how you want it to be where you don't have to make any sacrifices but you expect Anders too just in order to "keep everyone happy". You think it is unfair to you? What about Anders.... This is absolutely disgusting. 


Also once again the sponsorship idea is overlooked.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

August 16, 2018 - 02:49 AM


Over the past year I’ve felt that the game haven’t really progressed as much as I wanted. Not much at all actually. But at the same time I’ve felt that I’ve put in as many hours that I possibly could. This made me feel very frustrated and to be honest it haven’t been as much fun developing this game like it used to when I first started out. With a full time job and family it’s really hard trying to develop and manage a game like this on my spare time without neglecting the true important things in life. This forced me to really consider my options.

In the end it really came down to either call it quits or take the game to a completely new level.


Did no one read this?? While most of you are so concerned with how we would have to pay a measly 1.99 a month (which he improved from 2.99 to try and keep you all happy which also includes now two teams, free league etc..) all most of you can think about is how this game should be free. None of you address, like he even said as shown above, how he has been neglecting the most important things in life. We all almost lost this game all together and to make it worthwhile to fit into his life he asks for very little all the while the benefits of this money would help improving the game you all claim to love so much. We live in a world where people will do almost anything to save a couple of dollars and we know nothing of each others lives and who can afford what and on that note, since when do we assume everything we read anywhere on the internet? He already tried multiple times to appease everyone all the while taking all of your words into account and as facts and I've been asking myself, why should he? Clearly most of you don't care about the sacrifices he's made to try and meet everyone's demands and when he asks for something in return which is nothing in comparison to the demands that have been made from this community, it's too much. Anders doesn't know anything about your lives and is just supposed to take your word for it if you can't afford it yet no one considers the one thing that is even more important in this world than money, and that is time. Time with his family, time for himself, time for his job to pay his bills and so on. You all take for granted the amount of time he has put into this game to make it what it is. The worst part is when a fellow GM by the username of littleb (who I respect greatly) makes a great suggestion of sponsorship, it is overlooked by most. Now I can tell you right now I was willing to be one of those sponsors, but after this forum post all of that has changed completely because of one issue. That is the level of selfishness and entitlement as shown by many GM's here who clearly feel this game should remain as is to suit their needs (or better yet, their wants). My back and forth with Haradrim earlier in this forum post started because he came off to me as entitled because he wasn't apart of the focus group and I still take offense to it especially now that Anders and Tobias have clarified that the focus group doesn't really matter but for me I didn't like that I was paying money that would benefit someone who has this mentality while at the same time it made my contributions feel worthless and unappreciated. Now we are seeing it on a larger scale and no longer directed towards me personally but towards the very person who created this game. It is truly sad how much of a discussion this has been when I would be willing to bet at least half of the GM's demanding that it be free will also pay up when the time comes. Now for all those that are just going to respond "Well everyone has their own opinion" you should really consider how not a single one of these opinions will matter if this game no longer exists. I for one along with many others have been trying to do our part to not let that happen and sorry to break it you all but the financial contributions are a big part of that. Try reading what the creator wrote in it's entirety and then make your decision of whether your willing to make a small sacrifice for something you claim to love, for someone who has sacrificed so much more for all of us instead of zoning in on the only "negative".


So with all of that being said you should all be asking yourselves one question, "Is this game I love so much and the time and effort Anders and Tobias have put into it worth 2 dollars a month?" If your answer is no, then why are you still here? 

In Topic: Important! Where did all the mascots go?

August 03, 2018 - 11:40 PM

The idea of using uploadable pics is a terrible idea. People uploading their own creates a bunch of problems in terms of what's acceptable and what isn't and it will look awful because there won't be any consistency. Plus there is nothing worse than gm's who will use pics that they think is funny when in reality it looks childish and amateur. So piece of advice for all who have suggested this: Be patient. They said the logo's are coming so stop asking.

In Topic: game logistics

July 28, 2018 - 09:34 PM

If you're in a lower league than GHL then promoting shouldn't be an issue in terms of worrying about your team changing and you don't want to sign long term anyways if it's a lower league because you want to promote and get players more suited skill wise to which league your promoted to. The point is to get to the GHL and once you do then you will want to sign long term because as they develop so will their contracts and you will run into cap problems eventually so getting them cheaper on long term is the way to go. If you are worried about constantly changing divisions by the time you reach the GHL aka your worried about relegation then you may be playing the game wrong. If you choose the development route then odds are your going to get relegated and you probably won't make it back until your players are ready to be able to compete in the GHL and if you get promoted you will still more than likely face the same challenges you did before, hence why it's in your best interest that once you get promoted to be as aggressive as possible to fill out your team to be able to compete as you build your team with young talent from the draft, free agency or trades around them, at which point those guys you believe to be your future superstars you will want to lock up for as cheap as possible, for as long as possible. However if you don't get guys to compete when you reach the GHL then you will probably get stuck in a cycle of getting demoted and then trying to make it back and since you lose 1 ways in relegation, it will be a long road when ideally you should do whatever it takes to get guys that can keep you there. Now given manager rep affects FA's then you might find trouble beating other more experienced managers at getting any good players that way, so the best thing to do in my mind which i've seen alot of managers not do, is use your picks to get as much as you can. If you are a manager who always wants to keep his picks then all I can say is good luck because establishing yourself first is much more important in avoiding this problem of flip flopping leagues. Once you've achieved that and managed to stay in the league (even one season makes a huge difference) then you can start too worry about getting guys you wanna keep long term, whether they're fa's, draft picks or guys you've traded for at which point then you will realize the value in signing those type of contracts. Until that point though you're right as long term contracts are not ideal, especially in lower leagues.

In Topic: Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

July 25, 2018 - 12:47 PM

So that means that important decisions like this are taken by those having All Star accounts and not by the whole community? 


These are your words and anyone reading them only is going to see it as you feeling like you should get a vote when you absolutely can have one all you have to do is support the game. In the focus group it is not a problem be it difference of opinion or debate and thats not why I was pissed off because those things are necessary to move the game forward. I respect everyone's opinion about the game, I just have a problem that this wasn't an idea, it was a question as to why those that pay are invited to the focus group and those that don't aren't invited. This wasn't an idea to make the game better, it was you getting at why, when you don't want to or can't pay (respectfully), that there shouldn't be a focus group all together and that it should all just become public without you thinking of the challenges of that in the first place and instead just wondering why you can't vote hence why I said it was self driven. By all means share your opinions about the game, everyone should regardless, but don't discredit those who pay for the sole purpose of moving the game forward by making someone such as myself feel like the money I and others spend isn't worth something when in fact in is the reason the game we all love is improving like it is in the first place. That is the only issue here, not the difference of opinion on something like the reset.