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Blue Jays/Tigers Trade

January 14, 2019 - 10:17 PM

Blue Jays Send:


SP Sean Wymer A- 

OF Tommy Bartlett R (Dunedin)

RP Michael Folgi (On AL East Squad)


Tigers Send:


CL Brian Wilson 

30% Retention on Contract



The Jays had been after a cherry on top of our severely overpaid, but elite, bullpen, and Wilson fits both of those characteristics.

Wymer looks like a solid mid-rotation piece for the Tigers, and Folgi had been asked about by numerous teams and could someday take a MLB closing job. We thank Detroit for the patient talks, and wish them well with the rebuild.


Dodgers/Jays Trade

January 11, 2019 - 12:53 AM

Dodgers Send:


Lester Webb R Pitcher



Jays Send:


Nick Robison MLB Pitcher



After acquiring Farrell, the Jays have 3 Legit MLB Starters in Verlander, Pineda, Swanson and 2 spots to be won by Farrell, Picket and/or Kevin Nicholas out of camp. Thus, we decided to move Robison and we think Webb is a intriguing 2-way piece that the Jays will slowly try to develop.

Blue Jays/Rangers Trade

January 07, 2019 - 07:06 PM

Rangers Send:

SP Chris Farrell MLB


Blue Jays Send:

OF Ruben Sierra Jr. AAA

SP Rob Schmitt AA

1B Donald Taylor AA (AL East Winter League Squad)


The Blue Jays have now successfully traded all but 2 of their WL AL East squad members. After moving out David Price, the Jays were looking to add a 3/4 SP to ease the development of our top pitching prospects, Pickett, Nicholas and McCutc.


We see Farrell as a quality mid rotation piece that can allow Pickett/Nicholas to fight for the #5 SP position, and leave McCutc to pitch a full year in AAA.


Sierra is a solid AAA outfielder, but we are quiet deep at OF, and Schmitt and Taylor are quality upper minors prospects who we did not include in the deal until Kevin negotiated them in after some lengthy talks back and forth.


We wish the Rangers well in bringing down the Big Bad Angels and Mariners.

Indians/Jays Trade

December 30, 2018 - 09:54 AM

Jays Send:


SP David Price MLB

OF Joe Gray Jr. A-

SP David Bogaerts A+

RP Ben Camp A


Indians Send:


SP Nick Pickett AAA



These were some of the best trade talks the Jays management has had this season, with a back and forth that finally resulted in the trade we see above. With the Yankees and Orioles moves of this early offseason, along with TB's moves late last season, it had become clear that our 'window' was less 'wide open' than Jays management was willing to 100% commit to. 


Although this deal likely inhibits our deal in the short term, losing a potential 1/2 Starter in David, we feel Pickett has the chance to become a mid rotation force for us in the next 1-2 seasons. Gray Jr. and Bogaerts were pieces we were happy to get in small moves earlier this offseason, as they added depth to our mid-minors, but along with Camp they provided the secondary pieces needed to get this one over the finish line.


Thanks to Ayden for the talks, and we hope David Price dominates for him in all games (except for any against Toronto!) and that a few of the secondary pieces turn into MLBPro players.

Jays/Diamondbacks Trade

December 18, 2018 - 03:48 PM

Jays Send:


C Allan Buice A-


Diamondbacks Send:


1B Delino Deshields Jr. AA



Our search for upper minors depth continues. Desheilds is a pretty one dimensional player, but hes a warm body.