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Draft Pick Switch Issue

September 27, 2017 - 11:30 PM

Hi guys, I am the manager of the Herschel Marshals in LIHL in gameworld Lumber and I have been newly promoted for finishing first at the end of the season. Therefore, I wasn't aware of this, but my draft picks swapped with the last team of the IHL, the Shebandowan Rhino Chuckers. I don't really mind swapping picks but the issue is that during the season, I have made a trade with the Rhino Chuckers to acquire their first pick by giving a second pick of mine and some players.


Since the picks have been swapped, it seems there is a bug, because when I go to the trade screen, I seem to only have my LIHL first round pick (Marshals) and Shebandowan's IHL third round pick and they have my LIHL second and third round picks (Marshals). So I am wondering where are Shebandowan's IHL first and second round picks since I don't have them and they don't either. Normally they would have come to my team but I am wondering if the trade had put some trouble in this. Some help to understand would be very appreciated with that, thanks.