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Mascot issue / Solutions

July 10, 2018 - 08:44 AM

I thought I would post this just to give a thought.


How hard would it be to allow us to upload our own, or to just have a default.  I used to play a soccer game that just had a generic badge until the person uploaded a simple bmp, png, etc etc.


Could be small as you like for space as storage might be an issue.  Could be a simple solution if this is going to be a continual issue.  


Just thoughts...

SEASON 29 Trade Block

June 21, 2018 - 04:49 PM

Alright, I feel I need to improve my GHL team and am willing to let my picks go to bring in some building blocks to help me grow my team for seasons to come.  Will want someone worth giving up a potential star in the future for.


My first pick will likely be good.  I will be near the bottom all season but with the way this season is shaping up I think there is a good chance I could stay up anyway.  With some extra guys this will be a certainty.


Shoot me a PM, or I may PM some people based on what I see available.  


Thanks everyone

Inaugural Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate PreS 15

June 06, 2018 - 10:41 PM

Have you ever thought that Preseason has been a bit dull?  No pride or glory...... and certainly no fresh biscuits to eat!  Our world is clearly lacking in its namesake, so a group of us are having a pre-season friendly tournament to entertain us and thought we might as well drag you guys along for the ride as well. 

The teams involved this season are:


1. Pittsboro Plastic Attack - Long time BHL team freshly promoted from the 2nd spot, clearly threw the final games to get to 2nd and cover his mad ninja skills... . very sneaky!  We will have to keep an eye on him as it is rumored they use plastic swords to impale unsuspecting opponents during the game!  Watch those injuries!


2. Tullahoma Tomcats - Promoted in 1st at season's end and are letting everyone know it!  Coach Wendel thinks he is pretty awesome but he may have to keep that ego in check as he is up against some raw talent in this series.  His lads are clearly still in party mode and will need to ensure they get off the sauce if they want any chance of winning this prestigious piece of cra..... erm I mean this incredible trophy!  


3. Minnedosa Musketeers - SHL team for three seasons now and constantly riding Leopards coat tails.  It has driven them to depression where all manager Little signs are fat bastards that run over people and play for the garbage goals.  Some pundits give them a shot though, based solely on the fact there is biscuits involved and boy those boys love biscuits!  If they win good luck even making the locker room with them!


4. Deferiet Leopards - SHL team for three season and well established hard rockers!  When not on the ice you can catch them down at open mic night screeeeeeching on guitars and pretending they have vocal talent.  Probably the class of the tournament unless the hookers and blow get them.... ah the life of a celebrity!  


The rules for us are simple.... each team will play each other once in the pre season (I will do my best to keep an updated table in here.  Winner has the most points and if there happens to be teams level the tie breakers are results between teams level, goal difference and finally goals for.  If it is still tied after that I am going to set a poll up and we will all have a vote to see who wins!  We can't leave a tie at the top after all.... like any of us will play nice or share their biscuits!?!?!?!?


The draw is as follow first team is home:


Day 4 – 1 vs 2 (2-3 OT) and 3 vs 4 (5-3)

Day 5 – 1 vs 3 (2-4) and 2 vs 4 (2-0)

Day 6 – 4 vs 1 (3-4 SO) and 2 vs 3 (3-6)


In the event the home team doesn't send their game off..... please proceed to door number 3 where Olga the Norwegian Dom will whip you for your incompetence.  


That is all for now, if this goes off well I may look at ways to expand it for future seasons.  



Standings to date: pts - record - GF - GA


1. Minnedosa Musketeers - 9 - 3-0-0-0 - 15 - 8

2. Tullahoma Tomcats - 5 - 1-1-0-1 - 8 - 8

3. Pittsboro Plastic Attack - 3 - 0-1-1-1 - 8 - 10

4. Deferiet Leopards - 1 - 0-0-1-2 - 6 - 11