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Signing from Europe

March 07, 2019 - 03:02 AM

Game world Cage

Pittsboro plastic attack https://gameplanhock.../team?gpid=30-A


I might well have messed something up here.


when offering contracts to players playing in Europe, i believe the wording was that the contracts needed to be offered before the end of day 3? not accepted? to join the team for this season


it is now day 4 and a bunch of contracts went, but only some players seem to have come over now, the rest set to join at the end of their contract. 


I am not sure but this might be a bug, i dont think its even the ones i sent out early in day 3 right after the last round of failed signings.(i could be mistaken here) I kind of cut and waived a lot of my team and though i am undoing it now, i sort of have 10 mill in cap space i am not sure if i should be showering on whatever FAs are left or if some correction might bring said players over


 came over, definitely offerred before yesterday i think... definitely maybe https://gameplanhock...yer?gpid=8356-A

definitely offered yesterday, pending https://gameplanhock...lie?gpid=1517-A



i thought these two were one of each, but on second thought might be confusing the forwards. 




also for contracts still out there but unsigned, i assume they wont be arriving this season if accepted? (europe, not FA) or if it is a bug and they were offered in time, they would arrive this season if signed?