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Which game world are you joining after the release?

January 18, 2019 - 09:13 AM

I have been debating between Slow and Normal and wanted to get an idea of which league managers would be joining. 

2nd Annual "Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate" PreS 16

August 24, 2018 - 12:05 PM

OK, it's that time of season again.  Time for the 2nd Annual Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate!  For those who missed last season's extravaganza, the best way to describe this tournament is, think GHL GOLD CUP... but better!  Or here is a link to last seasons tourney:  http://forums.gmgame...-plate-pres-15/


The round robin tournament is between 4 prestigious SHL teams, who at one time in their history auto-promoted from BHL. 


1) Minnedosa Musketeers.  They need no introduction.  They were the winner of last year's Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate and the only one of these teams to make the SHL playoffs.  They were tired of always finishing 2nd best to the Leopards and went into S15 with a chip on their shoulder.  A literal chip because all they do is aggressively shove food into their faces.  They are known as being the biggest, baddest and fattest team in all of Biscuit. 


To get a glimpse of their greatness in action, here is a link to their preseason training video: 


Last seasons result:  3-0-0-0, 15 GF, 8 GA


2) Tullahoma Tomcats.  I would say they need no introduction, but they do it themselves anyways.  A team that exceeded all expectations last season, but it still was not good enough for Coach Wendel.  Anything short of a 60-win season catapults him into a rage of fury. 


The below clip was taken after a S15 win in which the Tomcats only won by 1 goal (start video at 0:45): 


Last seasons result:  1-1-0-1, 8 GF, 8 GA


3)  Pittsboro Plastic Attack.  The SHL newcomers certainly held their own last season and avoided relegation by a large margin.  Known league-wide for patience with player development and building an empire via draft picks.  Coach Naekfor is meticulous when it comes to building a team.  Everyone who has ever tried to pry a draft pick off his hands has received the same response:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08i9kvCJvJ0


Last seasons result:  0-1-1-1, 8 GF, 10 GA


4)  Deferiet Leopards.  A disappointing season for the Leopards that was foreshadowed by a disappointing preseason tournament.  The Leopards missed the playoffs by a single point for the first time since taking over the franchise.  While most teams dwell on the golf course, that just isn't their style.  Instead, these hard rockers threw a killer party complete with fine women, booze and blow and partied their faces off.


The full party was recorded here in this completely NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5bindJbnwA


Last seasons result:  who cares, what's it to you anyways?




Season 16 schedule (Home teams on left):

Day 4 - Leopards vs. Plastic ... Musketeers vs. Tomcats

Day 5 - Tomcats vs. Leopards ... Plastic vs. Musketeers

Day 6 - Leopards vs. Musketeers ... Plastic vs. Tomcats

Trade Deadline earlier in the season

June 14, 2018 - 11:06 AM

For possible fall release... I think having a trade deadline earlier in the season would be beneficial for a few reasons.  I will use Days 55 as an example (which falls around Game 50). 


Also to go along with this suggestion, I would also recommend that those players who are "happy with their current contract", be open to re-negotiating or flat our refusing to re-sign around Day 45 (around Game 40).


1) First, I think it would add some excitement to the game mid-season, giving managers another milestone to look forward to.  Preparing for the draft is exciting.  Silly season/free agency is exciting.  The playoff race toward the end of season is exciting + actual playoffs.  Why not add something in the middle for managers to look forward to?


Around Day 45, players are either willing to re-sign with your team or refuse to re-sign.  You then have 10 days to get your trades in before Day 55.  Personally, I think it would be an exciting 10 days of managers trying to wheel and deal before the deadline hits.  Then all managers must live with their decisions for the remaining 10 regular season games and through the playoffs.


2) Second, it would require managers to be proactive and take calculated risks based on their expected finish.  It would eliminate teams from making those final day trades to stack their teams for relegation - and would also not allow managers to trade expiring contracts on the final day of the season, which caused an issue this past season.


3) Finally, this is how professional sports are run - and I know that as a fan, I get really excited around the trade deadline every year in anticipation of what trades will be made.






Longest tenured players - Biscuit

April 19, 2018 - 11:50 AM

I am mainly curious to see if anyone still has players on their team from season 1.  I would think this would be more common for GHL teams since it is tough to promote through the leagues and keep the same players.  If so, post them here.


I do have 1 player on my SHL team that has been with my team (well, my "franchise") since season 1 in LIHL.  Lucas Hirt.  It looks like he was originally on the Protons roster, then moved to Deferiet (formerly the Red River Red Empire).  I renamed the franchise to the Leopards when I took over late in season 9.


Hirt was my 2nd line center in BHL and now centers my 4th line in SHL.  Fortunately for him I don't anticipate promotion to GHL this season so his job is safe for another few seasons at least.




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[BUI] Duplicate AAHL team

March 29, 2018 - 10:38 AM

Just something I randomly noticed today... there are two Deferiet teams in AAHL that are affiliated with my team.  One contains all of my affiliate players (2nd one listed) and the other contains a bunch of random players (1st one listed).  I checked the entire list of teams and I am the only one with this special privilege.  I was hesitant to post this because (1) it's not really that important, and (2) if action is taken I don't want the wrong team deleted.  Just thought it was weird and figured I'd mention it.


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