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Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?

January 10, 2018 - 03:33 PM

I've just realized that a player's height and weight can fluctuate year over year.  While this is realistic, I was somewhat surprised to find this as I always thought it was a fixed number and did not change.  If you already knew this... then carry on!  If not, well now you know!

[BUI] Huge draft shortlist bug

January 04, 2018 - 05:35 AM

With my #34 pick, it selected the player I had ranked #92!!  I spent a lot of time ranking my prospects and double checked my ranking.  How did that happen??


Just wondering if that happened to anyone else?  I suppose I will be trading my picks away from now on.  So disappointed.

The Humor Therapy Thread

November 23, 2017 - 11:48 AM

I'm a competitive guy - especially when it comes to sports.  But when it comes to manager games such as this or other fantasy sports, and really just life in general, I'm all about a little comedy.  This thread is to post things you notice in the game that make you laugh, regardless if those things have a positive or negative impact on your team.  Odd game results, quirky injuries, horrible trades offered by computer teams... share it here.  Hopefully the mood stays positive and doesn't take an ugly turn.  I'll start.


I love the irony of receiving these messages back to back.


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National Team: Italy

October 30, 2017 - 12:41 PM

This is related to the National Teams thread from S11:  http://forums.gmgame...national-teams/


I figured I would keep this updated in case national teams are ever introduced to the game.  Dibs on Italy.  This is updated for S12.


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Update for Season 13 below.


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[BUI] Health meter malfunction?

October 24, 2017 - 11:02 AM

This may or may not be an issue, but I noticed something weird today.  Bear with me... 


Yesterday every single one of my players were green FIT.  Today I have noticed that a few of my players were blue FIT.  It's odd because, using my defenders and goalies as an example, Curtis Chow is the only defender who DID NOT play in yesterday's preseason game (yet he's the only Dman who lost health)... and Leons Sprogis DID play in yesterday's preseason game (yet he's the only goalie who has "full" health).  It seems like the players who played did not get tired and the players who rested got tired.


Unless this is supposed to happen with preseason games for some reason?  But I just wanted to note it in case it is a glitch and carries over to regular season.