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#36413 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by Paul T on August 08, 2018 - 10:07 AM

I am a fan of all the changes/improvements being made for the upcoming release and appreciate all the work being done to make it happen.  I do have a few other ideas that may be beneficial for the game, but will wait to post them when I have more time to elaborate - most likely in the focus group.  Just one question and one comment for now.


TIMING:  Bouncer asked above and I will ask again... is there an approximate date for the release?  Are we talking closer to September or November?


FINANCES:  Personally, I have no issue with the monthly fee and plan to support the game, but I do share some of the concerns already mentioned.  If people feel it's not worth it, then fine.  But I'm afraid there will be many people who simply can't contribute at this time (I've been in those situations before) and am concerned that with the expanded worlds and leagues there would be >50% computer managers, which would set the game back in quite a few ways.  I'd throw out some ideas, but feel it would be more appropriate to discuss privately when finances are involved.

#36225 S15 General Chat

Posted by Paul T on July 30, 2018 - 09:40 AM

Forever connected by some weird magnetic force.


Season 12 - tied in points (both promoted from BHL to SHL)

Season 13 - tied in points

Season 14 - tied in points until the final day of the season


Season 15...


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#36197 Adam Lundberg cheating- Dangles SHL

Posted by Paul T on July 29, 2018 - 01:36 PM

Pardon my bluntness, but he needs to get some help a girlfriend.



#36122 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by Paul T on July 25, 2018 - 12:47 PM

So that means that important decisions like this are taken by those having All Star accounts and not by the whole community? 


Actually, no.  Certain topics were voted on.  There was never a vote for this topic, it was more of a discussion.  Anders is simply asking for opinions to determine what is in the best interest of the game long-term.  Nothing has been decided yet.  When information is available, Anders and the mods will notify everyone.


I have no stake in this whatsoever, just figured I'd share these facts to avoid the back and forth that has been happening.

#36115 S15 General Chat

Posted by Paul T on July 25, 2018 - 08:36 AM

Trouble in Deferiet!


The Leopards recent string of losses has created turmoil in the locker room as coach Paul T has started to question the compete level of his players.  After making the SHL playoffs the last two seasons and getting off to a hot start this season, the Leopards are slowly skidding down the standings and seem destined to miss the playoffs for the 1st time since relocating to Deferiet. 


After their loss to the #1 Indians yesterday, a scuffle ensued between coach Paul T and the team's longest tenured and most respected player, Juan David Waller.  Despite giving up almost 6" and 30 lbs, Paul T got his point across.


The result:

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#35955 Ridiculous results (sometimes)

Posted by Paul T on July 17, 2018 - 12:42 PM

I'm not sure I would say 'ridiculous', but sometimes the team that dominates in shots and possession does not win.  Sometimes.


I was originally going to agree with you here that it seems to happen more than it should, but after looking at my box scores and results, I don't show that to be the case.


To test it, I didn't use a strict formula, I just tried to get a general feel for the game.  I went into each box score and looked at the shots and possession, and used a combination of those to determine what team "should" have won.  For example, if Team A had 5 more shots and 10% more possessions, you can say they should have won.  Or if possession was somewhat even, but a team had 10 more shots, etc. 


My results:

I went 9-2 in games I dominated.

I went 8-4 in games that were somewhat even.

I went 3-7 in games where my opponent dominated.


I suppose my only gripe here is that I should dominate a lot more than I do (and/or get dominated much less often) :P

#35940 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by Paul T on July 16, 2018 - 04:09 PM

Today I won 2-1 in OT.

The game tying goal was scored by a Nervous player and assisted by two Anxious players.

The OT winner was scored by an Anxious player and assisted by another Anxious player.

My goalie stood on his head to stop 27 of 28.  He's Nervous.

#35849 Mascot issue / Solutions

Posted by Paul T on July 10, 2018 - 09:05 AM

I was going to make the "upload your own logo" suggestion a while ago, but then realized that would be going down a risky path.  I still think it's a good idea.  Personally, there is literally nothing in the world that would offend me, but am also sensitive to the fact that others could be uncomfortable over various images.  We would need a way to monitor it and keep the site family friendly and/or safe for work use... if that's even possible.

#35508 Trade Deadline earlier in the season

Posted by Paul T on June 14, 2018 - 11:06 AM

For possible fall release... I think having a trade deadline earlier in the season would be beneficial for a few reasons.  I will use Days 55 as an example (which falls around Game 50). 


Also to go along with this suggestion, I would also recommend that those players who are "happy with their current contract", be open to re-negotiating or flat our refusing to re-sign around Day 45 (around Game 40).


1) First, I think it would add some excitement to the game mid-season, giving managers another milestone to look forward to.  Preparing for the draft is exciting.  Silly season/free agency is exciting.  The playoff race toward the end of season is exciting + actual playoffs.  Why not add something in the middle for managers to look forward to?


Around Day 45, players are either willing to re-sign with your team or refuse to re-sign.  You then have 10 days to get your trades in before Day 55.  Personally, I think it would be an exciting 10 days of managers trying to wheel and deal before the deadline hits.  Then all managers must live with their decisions for the remaining 10 regular season games and through the playoffs.


2) Second, it would require managers to be proactive and take calculated risks based on their expected finish.  It would eliminate teams from making those final day trades to stack their teams for relegation - and would also not allow managers to trade expiring contracts on the final day of the season, which caused an issue this past season.


3) Finally, this is how professional sports are run - and I know that as a fan, I get really excited around the trade deadline every year in anticipation of what trades will be made.






#35502 Inaugural Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate PreS 15

Posted by Paul T on June 14, 2018 - 08:32 AM

Normally I'd give it to the player from the winning team, but given the format of 1 player per team, I went with Kivinen, who I felt dominated in his two starts.  I may be slightly biased as he pitched a 40-save shutout against me and stole the game.  Who knows what would have happened if he started that 3rd game (not sure if it would have helped or hurt his cause). 


Camarillo is a very close 2nd.  6 points in 3 games is amazing.  He probably would have got my vote if there were some goals mixed in there. 


I love that my nominee had 1 point and was a -1.   :cool:  The 6/4/5 stats are what I like to see, though!  Hopefully those intangibles will start to translate into results.  Go Leopards!


Congrats to the Minnedosa Musketeers for winning it all.  This is like Boston's college hockey version of the Beanpot. 

#35470 SHL S15 power rankings

Posted by Paul T on June 13, 2018 - 10:29 AM

Lucky you... at least guys over 85 rated will talk to you! :)



Would you try to get a job at a place if you knew the owner was cheap?  :lol: :P

#35463 Inaugural Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate PreS 15

Posted by Paul T on June 13, 2018 - 07:53 AM

LB - thanks for doing this.  Despite my poor showing thus far, I still love reading these recaps and appreciate the creativity.  Wish I could add more, but work has been kicking my @$$ lately.  I'll get back to form in the next couple of weeks.

#35412 Inaugural Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate PreS 15

Posted by Paul T on June 11, 2018 - 04:42 PM

The 2.95M I am paying that goalie sure made him nervous.  He better turn things around real quick or he's going to find himself on waivers. :)

#35402 Prospect Reputation

Posted by Paul T on June 11, 2018 - 11:46 AM

I'm not sure how much importance a prospects reputation has since they can change over time and it also might be based on which league they are in.  For example, a Shooting Star in a lesser league would be equal to a Decent prospect in the Canadian league.


In terms of best to worst, (I think) it goes:

1. Shooting Star

2. Up and Coming

3. Promising

4. Hot Prospect

5. Decent Prospect


For your first draft I would take Erzac's advice.  Use a combination of Overall and factor in Development.  And make sure that the player's ratings fit your overall tactics (unless you want to use them as trade bait, then just take best available regardless of specific ratings).

#35400 Dirty Trades

Posted by Paul T on June 11, 2018 - 11:03 AM


I was going to say the same thing as PG.  I'm not sure if there was any ill intent behind the initial trade offer.  But having a trade deadline much earlier in the season would help prevent this type of scenario.