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#32251 Opinion.

Posted by Paul T on January 16, 2018 - 03:52 PM

I suppose it depends how you look at it, but this mostly doesn't bother me.  Success is all relative and I pay more attention to my team than I do others.  For example, I'm proud of the fact that I was able to take over a struggling BHL team who had been in Bronze for 5 years (had to win a playoff series to avoid being demoted that first year) and was able to promote to Silver after 3 seasons.  To me that's more satisfying than taking over an already good team.  Now my first season in SHL, there are 7-8 teams that are far superior to me... and the rest are equivalent (give or take a rating here and there).  My goal is to stay in SHL and see where I'm at in 2-3 seasons.  I love following each team, but don't really care who promotes/who doesn't this year.  Every team starts from a different place.


Also, you want COM teams to be somewhat strong - or start off strong - as I would assume they don't improve much over the season.  And just to be competitive in general.


Where I do agree with you is that when a manager promotes or racks up wins, their reputation gets jacked up and it increases the chances of free agents signing with them over another team.  So a manager who takes over an already stacked team will get the benefit in signing players - which I've stated in another post that I don't agree with.  At least not to the extent that it happens.  For example, a free agent recently rejected my offer and signed with another team (same league) who offered him $200K less.  Ouch.  But that's a discussion for another thread.


But we can only hope that those managers who take over good teams are like Peter Chiarelli and totally ruin it :)

#32204 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by Paul T on January 12, 2018 - 02:28 PM

I thought these were "positive" remarks??


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#32177 Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?

Posted by Paul T on January 11, 2018 - 11:52 AM

Alright, the below images will show the comparison and changes for each player year over year. (US metrics).  Again, this is from the Italian national team update in Biscuit.  The very first player got 1 inch shorter.  Almost every other player changed in weight. 




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#32176 National Team: Italy

Posted by Paul T on January 11, 2018 - 11:49 AM

Season 13 update has been added to the 1st post - and below.  Not much improvement from the Italians this year.


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#32148 Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?

Posted by Paul T on January 10, 2018 - 04:26 PM

WHAAAAAAAAAT?!  That's some serious attention to detail to notice that.  Does height change noticeably?  I feel like a fluctuating weight is normal, but not, like...growing or shrinking 6 inches as an adult.  I'd certainly like to see a couple of my players hit another growth spurt...


Right??!!  OK, glad I'm not the only one who is totally shocked about this.  The only reason I noticed this is because I was updating my "Team Italy" roster for a national team post in Biscuit and I have a template that lists all the players ratings, traits, height/weight, etc.  So as I was updating it, I noticed all the players changed.


So far I've only seen height change on 1 player and he actually got shorter by an inch!  From 6'1 to 6'0.  For what it's worth, it was an Italian guy so I guess it makes sense :D (I'm 100% Italian so I can say that)!  Almost every player's weight has changed, but not significantly.  Mostly 3-5 lbs.  I'll post a screen shot of the difference when I'm finished with it.

#32140 Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?

Posted by Paul T on January 10, 2018 - 03:33 PM

I've just realized that a player's height and weight can fluctuate year over year.  While this is realistic, I was somewhat surprised to find this as I always thought it was a fixed number and did not change.  If you already knew this... then carry on!  If not, well now you know!

#32133 Simulation Status

Posted by Paul T on January 10, 2018 - 02:31 PM

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#32065 Draft Philosophy

Posted by Paul T on January 07, 2018 - 11:50 PM

Stats can be deceiving because of the different leagues.  100 points in the Canadian League is much more impressive than 100 points in the Swedish league.


I'd probably lean more towards player development and also factor in Current Overall Rating, Traits, Height/Weight & Injury History.

#32043 So I tried to come back, but.....

Posted by Paul T on January 06, 2018 - 08:07 PM

What comes to computer trading I don't really understand why to play an online game if you only want to rob computer teams.


Totally agree that it's unfortunate when this happens, however not all trades with computer controlled teams are robbing them.  I'd say taking draft picks is stealing.  Giving draft picks for a player should, in most cases, be OK.  Where I think it helps both teams is if you trade with a team from a lower league who has a really good player that might be frustrated and/or you know they have no chance of re-signing that player.  Then you could offer picks and other good players who could help them in their respective league.  I love that you can't steal prospects any more.

#32033 So I tried to come back, but.....

Posted by Paul T on January 06, 2018 - 11:46 AM

I put in six trade offers that were overwhelmingly in the CPU team's favor and all were rejected almost immediately.   Mix in that many star players are protected now by CPU teams which means that you can't really trade with the CPU.


From experience, and conversations with other owners, you need to swing them bar in the computer's favor, then add another Good or Excellent piece.  And I'm talking the bar that is 3/4 good, not 1/2 good.


I suppose I can see your if a world is mostly COM managers.  But in worlds where there are mostly human managers, you don't want other people ripping off the computer all the time. 

#32028 So I tried to come back, but.....

Posted by Paul T on January 06, 2018 - 10:59 AM

For what it's worth...


(1) I think it's still easy to trade with COM teams, but you gotta be willing to give up something of value to get exactly what you're looking for.  I don't think you can "stack" your team this way, but you can definitely improve an area of need if you have depth, and are willing to give up a few assets, elsewhere.


(2) I love the improved trading logic because it prevents teams from "stacking up" without losing anything of value.


(3) Does anyone else see yellow?  It's orange on my screen.

#31990 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by Paul T on January 04, 2018 - 08:47 AM

I just drafted the #90 ranked prospect with my #34 overall pick... so there's that.  Disappointed.  Learning experience.  At some point this will be funny to me.

#31909 Statistics and Losses

Posted by Paul T on December 29, 2017 - 09:48 AM

In order to get out of the bottom four in the GHL, something has to change somewhere. Any advice would be much appreciated.


A few more losses and you will be out of the bottom 4 in the GHL... and into the top 4 of the SHL!  :D 


But all joking aside...


I'm still so confused as to what I need to do to win in Clapper. In the last few games I've won against teams that are better than mine and also lost one in overtime while on the road to the #4 team - but hey, when you're in 13th place with two of your top scoring players injured, a point is a point! Most of my wins have been with my team having less overall Puck Possession, less time in the offensive zone, and less shots on goal. Going into last nights match I figured my team, having a new format that seems to bring success, would have a great chance at another Winn against the 14th place team on my home ice. We had 9 more shots, a higher puck percentage, and were in the offensive zone 53% of the game and we lost 1-3. Not to mention, all players beside two performed within the green or blue...even my goalie at a 77.


I have noticed that in some of my wins, my opponent has outshot me/controlled possession - and vice versa with some of my losses.  But if you track the game flow, it "might" be due to team focus.  I'm assuming many teams go Offensive/Very Offensive when losing, while teams play Defensive when winning.  Especially if you take a lead early, this could explain why the shots would be lopsided in the losing team's favor.  I'm guessing that when you play defensive, you get outshot, but your opponent gets less quality shots/chances. 


Also I've found that some tactics just work well against others.  My win % over the last 4 seasons is pretty damn good, but there is a certain offensive tactic (which I will refrain from mentioning ;) ) that always gives my team trouble.  And tactics might also come into play with the possession stat.  Puck possession teams will (or at least should) control the puck more than say teams who implement transition rushes.  I'm sure both styles have their advantages.


Just a few things to think about. 


Then again, I've found a few games results that are just totally random and make no sense from a pure numbers perspective... but that type of thing also happens in real life.  For example the Tampa Bay Lightning are the best team in the NHL this year.  The Ducks are the 10th best team in the west and out of a playoff spot... but earlier this year, the Ducks beat them 4-1.

#31906 Adam Gundersson cheating

Posted by Paul T on December 29, 2017 - 08:43 AM

Stuff like that can ruin the game for a lot of people.


What if, upon taking over a new team, managers are blocked from making any moves for a certain number of days (5-10)??  Almost like the 'trade block' after signing a new player.  It wouldn't totally prevent people from doing things as stated above, but it would certainly limit it and make it more difficult/time consuming.  I can't think of any reason to not do this.  I know when I first took over my team I had zero idea what I was doing - and any move I would have made in the first couple of weeks would have probably hurt the team (in fact, I extended a few players contracts which I ended up regretting).  At the very least, you shoudn't be able to drop a player or make any trades for the first xxx number of days. 


Taking over a team should be an investment.  Allowing managers to come and go at will kind of takes away from that.  I understand people can just create multiple accounts, but blocking moves for a certain period of time will absolutely help.


(maybe this should be added to the "Suggestions" forum)... 

#31870 S12 Trades

Posted by Paul T on December 26, 2017 - 04:37 PM

If anyone in GHL (or promoting to GHL) is interested in Emil Kantarik, shoot me a message.  I'm not trading him to an SHL team because I don't want to play against him, but I feel like he's asking too much money for the SHL cap, so don't think I could keep him.


Player link:




Whoa. Craziness!  In a matter of days, Kantarik was traded from BHL to SHL, SHL to GHL, then swapped GHL teams.  I'm sure he's pumped to be in GHL this season, but his head must be spinning.

I'll be following to see how he does in GHL this year.