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Today, 02:12 AM

By Steve Porter

The Athletic Department announced that PG Linehan Murphy has transferred from Boston University to the Penguins. The 5’7” Murphy is from Worcester, Massachusetts and was a part-time starter in his freshman year at Boston. He will have to sit out a year but will be a sophomore eligibility-wise when he is eligible to play in the 2018-2019 season.


Steve Simmons, who now is 1st Assistant Coach, advised that even though they only have one scholarship to offer this season, they’ve been working hard to land the best available recruit they can. “We’d really like to gain a player who can come right in and contribute in a big way next season,” said Simmons, “But even though Coach Durst turned things around for the Penguins last season, we still don’t have the reputation that gets star players easily attracted to coming our way.”

In Topic: The Town Crier

January 16, 2018 - 03:15 AM

Youngstown State’s Post-Season News
By Steve Porter

Senior C Steven Puzey has been named to the Horizon All-Conference 2nd Team. Puzey led the Penguins in scoring and rebounding and played solid defense. Puzey said, "I'm honored to be selected. It's a nice way to finish my collegiate career here." Puzey later indicated he had no plans to pursue any further basketball activities since he has accepted an advertising position at Jensen Manufacturing after he graduates later this mon

Today the Athletic Department announced that Steve Simmons has been promoted from 2nd Assistant to 1st Assistant Coach and will remain in charge of recruiting. Two new coaches have been added for the upcoming season. A. D. Kenna has been hired as 2nd Assistant in charge of practice and Kirk Smith has been hired as 3rd Assistant and will handle scouting activities for the Penguins.

The 4th scholarship available this season was not filled. Apparently the high flyers that Youngstown State was pursuing were not sufficiently interested to accept scholarship offers. By the end of April, the team’s recruiting budget was fully expended limiting their last-minute efforts to fill the scholarship. Coach Durst indicated that the team will look closely at available transfer players and will go that route to fill the available scholarship if there is a good fit. Durst said, "We're looking forward to taking a close look at the many transfer players who will be looking for new schools to attend. While we're confident we can get a good transfer player, should that not work out, it just means we will have two scholarships to offer next season rather than one."

In Topic: The Town Crier

January 14, 2018 - 03:02 AM

Various excerpts from the Youngstown Vindicator:


Alabama-79, Wright St.-56

NIT Championship: California-73, Kent St.-62


Valparaiso-83, UNLV-65
Portland St.-83, Youngstown St.-75

In their opening game in the CBI Tournament against Portland State, the Penguins fell behind 19-7 after 7 minutes of play. The Penguins struck back to tie the game at 22-22 with 7-1/2 minutes left in the half. But the Vikings then exploded and pulled away to lead 45-37 at the half. PG Ryan Surpin led the scoring for the Penguins with 11 points, but SF Manny Cox hit for 17 for Portland State.

Midway through the 2nd half, Youngstown State cut the Vikings lead to 2 points. Three minutes later the Penguins cut the lead to a single point. Portland State was able to extend their lead again and the Penguins exited the tournament by a score of 83-75. The difference in the ball game was that Portland State got 12 more free throw attempts and scored 12 more points from the line than did the Penguins and two of Youngstown State’s starters fouled out early.

Ryan Surpin and Tim Lostetter scored 19 and 18 points respectively for the 3rd game this season. Chad Delzell hit for 12 and Steven Puzey scored 10. Manny Cox finished with 22 points for the Vikings.

Portland St.-63, Valparaiso-53

CBI Championship: St. Francis (NY)-64, Kentucky-57


CIT Championship: Northern Arizona-98, Kennesaw St.-84

NCAA Tourney:

#1 Seeds: Indiana (29-3); Wake Forest (24-7); Florida (28-5); Temple (27-4)
Wisconsin-Green Bay (#13 seed)

Georgia-71, Wisconsin-Green Bay-62

NCAA Championship: Louisville-84, Oregon-60

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January 13, 2018 - 04:06 AM

Youngstown State Team Statistics:

Season Record: 16-14
League Record: 9-9
PPG: Penguins-70.8; Opponents-72.1
APG: Penguins-15.3; Opponents-16.7
RPG: Penguins-34.0; Opponents-31.8
SPG: Penguins-7.5; Opponents-6.9
BPG: Penguins-6.2; Opponents-5.8
TO: Penguins-15.2; Opponents-15.1

Youngstown State Player Statistics:

PPG: Puzey-11.6; Grady-11.3; Surpin-11.1; Jones-10.0; Lostetter-6.9; Delzell-6.7; Toole-4.4; Harrington-4.4; Braswell-4.2; Martin-2.3; Holt-1.6; Knight-1.4; Anderson-1.1
RPG: Puzey-5.6; Delzell-4.8; Grady-4.6; Toole-4.4; Jones-3.6; Surpin-3.6; Braswell-2.8; Harrington-2.3; Martin-1.8; Lostetter-1.6; Anderson-0.7; Holt-0.6; Knight-0.1
APG: Surpin-4.0; Jones-2.6; Lostetter-2.3; Harrington-1.7; Delzell-1.6; Grady-1.1; Puzey-1.1; Toole-0.8; Braswell-0.7; Martin-0.6; Holt-0.4; Knight-0.2; Anderson-0.0

In Topic: The Town Crier

January 12, 2018 - 03:56 AM


Horizon League Tourney Play-in Games:
UIC-73, Oakland-71
Detroit-74, Milwaukee-69

Horizon League Tourney Round One:
Wisconsin-Green Bay (#1 seed)-91, Detroit (#8 seed)-65
Valparaiso (#2 seed)-107, UIC (#7 seed)-105 (3 OT)
Wright St. (#3 seed)-72, Youngstown St. (#6 seed)-63
Cleveland St. (#5 seed)-82, Northern Kentucky (#4 seed)-67

Youngstown State tried to overcome the refs calling 12 fouls on them as compared to just 5 against Wright State in the first half. The two teams played nearly equally but free throws made the difference to give Wright State a 34-30 halftime lead. Both Jamal Grady for the Penguins and John Blanchard for the Raiders scored 17 points in the half.


The second half was nearly a duplication of the first. Free throws plus 26 points from the Raiders’ SG John Blanchard proved to be too much for the Penguins to overcome. Youngstown State went down to a 72-63 defeat. Jamal Grady scored 27 points and Josh Jones scored 10 plus pulled down 8 rebounds.

Horizon League Tourney Round Semi-Finals:
Wisconsin-Green Bay (#1 seed)-68, Cleveland St. (#5 seed)-66
Wright St. (#3 seed)-68, Valparaiso (#2 seed)-60

Horizon League Tourney Championship:
Wisconsin-Green Bay (#1 seed)-76, Wright St. (#3 seed)-65