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In Topic: Continental Football Association (DDS: Pro Football 16 League)

September 27, 2018 - 10:51 AM

Is this still active?

I know this post was almost a year ago but the CFA hasn't gone away and won't in the foreseeable future (we've been here for 9 real life years). In fact, the CFA Universe of leagues has a minor football league (CF2), collegiate football league (NCFA), baseball league using OOTP17 (UBA) and will soon be introducing an hockey league (WHF - World Hockey Federation) using the soon-to-be-released FHM5 from OOTPD.


The CFA does have 3 openings currently, London Bulldogs (we have two London teams next season), Jersey (currently New Jersey) and Cologne (currently Colorado). If you interested let me know via email at cfafrontoffice@yahoo.com as I don't check this forum very much (as you can tell lol!).