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[itch.io Devlog] Stats and updates

June 15, 2019 - 05:18 PM

Hello everybody This past week has mainly been used for updating different parts of the code, so it makes it easier to fix and implement stuff. This is not so interesting for the end user, but still something which needs to be done from time to time. While optimizing the code we saw some inexpediencies which we looked at right away. On the passing plays the Tight Ends were never a target even that they were a part of the play. This has been implemented. For passing plays we also changed so not all plays resulted in a completion. The last new thing we have implemented is some further stats for players. So now it is possible to see the stats a player got for each played game Best Regards The DevTeam

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[itch.io Devlog] Biweekly release - 0.2.1

June 10, 2019 - 02:28 AM

Hello everybody We are happy the announce that this weeks release is ready to go. We have finished the injuries and penalties as planned and also some updates to different parts of the code. On the team side we have made some changes to the beginning of the season, so you now need to set when the preseason practice will be (a maximum of 25 training sessions in august). On the data side we now have over 100 college teams to choose from. The reason why we are so focused on this, is that we need in order to be able do correct scheduling which is a part of the road map (in version 0.4.0). Speaking of the road map then we have decided to add another release 0.2.2 before looking at version 0.3.0. So 0.3.0 will be out just beginning of July instead of end of June. BR The DevTeam

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[itch.io Devlog] Getting Injured

June 02, 2019 - 01:55 AM

Hello everybody After last weeks release of version 0.2.0 we have now started focusing on injuries. So far we have implemented a number of different injuries like concussions, hamstrings, strained muscles etc. where each injury has a time of healing period. Each player also has an attribute which says how injury prone the player is, since some players are more likely to get injuried than others. If a player gets injuried he is not able to play any games, so the user needs to update the depth chart in order to be able to start a game. We have also added a Championship Playoff where we have two bowls serving as semifinals where the two winners advances to The College Championship Game. The semifinals will contain the four highest ranked teams across the conferences. On the data side we have...

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[itch.io Devlog] Biweekly release 0.2.0

May 26, 2019 - 01:50 AM

Hello everybody We are happy to announce the release of version 0.2.0 :-) As written in the roadmap the main focus has been on optimizing the gameplay simulation, and we think it starts to look like something more realistic. It is an area we will get back to over and over again, since we think there will always be the need for minor tweaks. But for now it is good to good, so please let us know if we need to change anything else in that area. On the depth chart selection we have changed it a bit, so instead of a pop up window it is now a selectbox. This is done because we feel it is easier to use, and we didn't like the use of the icon for getting the pop up window. One of the issues which has been reported is that on smaller display resolutions the continue button gets hidden behind the o...

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[itch.io Devlog] Doing Tactics

May 19, 2019 - 04:42 AM

Hello everybody As promised last update we are currently focused on optimizing the game play simulation, so it is more balanced and hopefully more realistic. The first thing we have implemented are some updates to the tactics page, so we now both have carrier (on running plays) and routes (on passing plays). We have also changed so different plays will be usefull in different situtions/downs and also added the possibility of setting the percentage of play selections being passing plays or running plays. The reason for the focus on the tactics is that it is used to optimize the game play simulation. Now we no longer just get a lot of long plays but instead get different types based on ex. the routes on a pass play. Of course there are still room for improvements, but we think we have accomp...

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