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[Pennant Chase] Note on some upcoming changes, specifically to Quick Draft

Yesterday, 05:30 PM

As some of you know, I decided to put a pause on the redesign that I mentioned in my prior blog post so that I could focus on some key feature improvements. My goal is to clean up some of the problematic areas of the site before moving on to a full-blown redesign. I’ve been wanting to make a stronger marketing push for Pennant Chase to see if we can drive more users in, but I really think some issues need to be corrected before that happens. As you have noticed, the "Auto Draft" was renamed "Quick Draft". Historically, I used "Auto Draft" because it was the only draft method available for Auto Leagues. But now that we have the Daily Draft, the term Auto Draft makes no sense. Also, I am rolling out a new Quick Draft that mixes positional players and offers stronger players in general. This new draft will apply *only* to leagues that are re-drafting, and *not* leagues that have already started drafting and are waiting for more owners. In other words, nobody is going to get screwed if they already drafted their team. Leagues that end starting on 9/21 will get this new Quick Draft. As with any new change, it’s going to be a work in progress – some will hate it, some will love it, and there will be plenty of feedback. In my few tests, I think it will have the same impact of generally balanced teams, but the overall talent will be stronger on each team, especially pitching. People generally disliked that a lot of great players were never offered, and that a lot of crappy players were offered, especially pitchers. We all know the last teams to draft tend to be given a slightly worse pool to choose from – we’ll see how this goes. If it's a total disaster, I can easily roll back to the old draft. But hopefully it works out for the better.The next step will be to fix the free agency frenzy issue that happens in Quick Draft leagues after day 6, possibly changing to a waiver system for the first few days of the season. Also, since we are having a hard time getting Auto Leagues to fill up, I am going to look into the possibility of better CPU managers and also exposing more Auto Leagues on the Join League page at one time.More to come!

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[Wolverine Studios] Your first look at the 2019 lineup!

September 13, 2018 - 10:29 AM

Strategy is key in DDS: Pro Football 2019 and Pro Basketball 2019

It’s September and that means the 2019 versions of our world class sports simulations are right around the corner and we’re bringing you a first look today at Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019 and Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2019! There are a host of new features and improvements coming to both games and today we’re going to focus on a key component of both games. STRATEGY!

Sports simulation games are all about strategy and both of our pro games this year have upped the ante in bringing you brand new strategic options. Let’s start on the gridiron. One huge new change you will find in DDS: Pro Football 2019 is that in career mode you’ll be putting yourself in the game. If you’re familiar with DDS: Pro Basketball you’ll feel right at home with the global and local play options letting you control everything or just the job of general manager with the option of hiring yourself as head coach. If you really want to up the challenge turn on the mode that will allow yourself to be fired – then these new strategy options will really count!

The first thing you’ll notice in our screenshots is that the UI has been totally revamped and rebuilt from the ground up to give you better access to the game information. Everything you need is just one click away with our expanded new side game menu.

We’ve got a brand new depth chart here offering you different packages you can save and switch between. You’ll be able to assign use of those packages for each formation ensuring you have the optimal lineup on the field at all times.

For the utmost in control, create your own custom playbook. Each play is laid out in detail now and you’ll be able to quickly and easily put together a playbook that best suits your team.

What would all these strategy options be if you only had the final score to rely on? Take a look at the play analysis and see how every play you have run has stacked up against every defense your opponent has thrown at you. Don’t forget to check the flip side too to see how your defenses are holding up. Use this info along with the custom playbook option to build precisely the right strategy to lead your team to victory!

Strategy doesn’t stop with the on field play. You can’t forget about managing the team itself and the strategy of managing your cap. Players will give you some informational feedback such as they hoping to change teams and you have the ability to make that happen with a smart offer! You can promise a role to a potential free agent as well as offer him a smattering of contract bonuses and use different distribution strategies to make the contract as cap friendly as possible.

That’s just a small sample of what to look forward to with DDS: Pro Football 2019 but let’s take a look at what’s coming to the hardwood in this year’s edition of DDS: Pro Basketball. We talked about new game modes for DDS:PF – DDS: Pro Basketball 2019 has them too. You’ll be able to play in challenge mode where you’ll be at the mercy of ownership trying to meet their desires or play in the new sandbox mode where you won’t be fired for poor performance and will be able to change to any team you want in the offseason.

Challenge mode introduces some new concepts into the game from ownership. You’ll have a clear budget on what to spend on players and the coaching staff. You’re the one writing the checks so you can exceed those budgets but do so at your own peril – even winning big will only lessen ownership’s unhappiness with you not sticking to the budget. You owner will give you a clear expectation of what he expects you to achieve on the court as well and will also now comment on your roster. If he wants a superstar you better find out a way to get him one!

The team staff budget was mentioned above as a new feature but there’s more to it than just coaching salaries. There is a new training staff budget allocation. The more you allocate to the staff the better off your team will be. Better funded staffs can both help players to avoid injury as well as recover faster from them. We’ve all seen the importance of a good training staff in the real world so keep that in mind when deciding just how much you want to spend on that new head coach!

Game strategy has been totally revamped in DDS: Pro Basketball 2019. On the offensive side you’ll have a number of strategies to choose from. Each strategy will impact the style of play in a different fashion and you’ll be able to see what it does to pace, floor usage and play actions. For example the Seven Seconds offense shown above will make your team play as fast as possible on the offensive end relying heavily on attacking with the basketball and leading to many drives and three point attempts. If you’ve got a big man you want getting the ball in the post (remember those guys?) then this won’t be the strategy for you!

We didn’t just change things up on the offensive end though – the defensive side of the ball gets a whole new look in DDS: Pro Basketball 2019 too! You’re given four man to man strategies to choose from (you also can use zone and press options like you previously could with your coaching philosophies). Each M2M strategy has its pros and cons and you can change them to suit your opponent. Playing a team that loves the three? Use the attack strategy and run those guys off the three point line. Hopefully you have a good shot blocking big man if you’re doing so otherwise you might be running them right into a layup line.

General defensive strategies we’re enough though. You can assign up to five players individual defensive instructions. You can assign them to guard the best perimeter, best post or just the best player period and they’ll be matched up accordingly. If you really want to get down to a fine level of detail you can even assign specific matchups for the next game giving you the ultimate in control!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at our pro lineup for 2019. Stay tuned as we will be announcing more information including release date and special pre-order discounts for both games! We look forward to hearing from you about these new games – hit us up in our forums, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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[OOTP Developments] What does the future hold for the LA Angels, Milwaukee Brewers and...

September 05, 2018 - 11:16 PM

The OOTP Developments Twitch channel continues to feature game streams from Out of the Park Baseball community managers T.J. Lauerman and Kris Jardine, as well as from Adam, community manager for Franchise Hockey Manager. When we last checked in with them, Lauerman and Jardine were running modern days sims of the Los Angeles Angels and […]

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[Pennant Chase] Sharing phase one of major overhaul for Pennant Chase

August 27, 2018 - 11:11 AM

Those of you who were around back in 2014 might remember the not-so-successful redesign that launched at the start of the year, and quickly had to be modified due to all sorts of issues. If you don’t remember it, all the better. I remember it all too well, but that’s a good thing. (If you want to re-live some history, just look back on the blog feed.)Most people, at least the vocal ones, were not in favor of any kind of redesign. I took that as a compliment, but I also knew the site had to evolve or die. I can’t fathom how Pennant Chase would be around today if I hadn’t forged ahead back in 2014. Could you imagine a website that doesn’t work on mobile phones or doesn’t allow for the creation of a mobile app? Over 50% of new users find this site thanks to the app. We would have been dead in the water without that redesign. As painful as it was at the time, it was the right strategic decision. We’re coming dangerously close to being in that position once again. We’re fast approaching five years since any kind of redesign, which is a millenia in technology years. Our lack of a modern design prevents me from quickly and easily leveraging many features that people consider standard nowadays, like tooltips, or confirmation screens, or suggestive search boxes, or any number of other features that could make the site experience on par with current expectations.Furthermore, a new design would allow the site to more easily transition to future advancements in both front end and server-side code. I won’t get into the techie talk here, but a lot of the code the site runs on is in many ways obsolete.So here’s the big news - I’ve been working on a redesign for over a year in what little time I have available. I know what some of you are going to say: “The site is fine, why waste your time on that when there are so many other valuable improvements that could be made?” First off, I’ve continued to make fixes and improvements despite the ongoing work on the redesign. Second, the redesign is going to lead to the opportunity to make more changes across the site. As I re-imagine and re-work basically every page, it lends the opportunity to make things better.This time around, you are all going to be able to give it a spin and provide feedback before the design is “final”. In fact, it could take another year or more for this design to reach all pages of the site. During that time, the current design will still be available. I’m starting with non-league functions such as the message boards, and once that stuff is all ready, I’ll move onto actual league pages. But this is going to be a long process. The cool thing is, it’s a chance for me to work in new features, and have you all chime in on the features you want to see.I know some people will hate the redesign, at least at first. When you’re on a website as much as we are all on Pennant Chase, you learn to love it the way it is. But I hope most everyone will come to appreciate the changes and embrace them. Much like back in 2014, we have to keep moving forward.For example, one of the new areas you’ll see today is the boards and personal inbox. There are a ton of changes, so many that I’m not even going to list them, I’m just going to let you experience it and let me know what you think.So here’s the link to start checking out: The New PC! In terms of non-league pages, I’ve gotten to everything but the Join Leagues and My League List areas. You can start using the new design pages as you wish, but please note this is considered “Beta” so you may find bugs or issues - if you do, please let me know!

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[OOTP Developments] Scott Andes: From the dugout with Mike Scioscia to talking baseball...

July 27, 2018 - 01:19 PM

Yes, that’s former Los Angeles Dodgers catcher and current LA Angels manager Mike Scioscia between two smiling kids. That photo was snapped in 1990, and the kid on the left is Scott Andes, who went on to become such a respected blogger that he was able to earn press credentials and meet and interview many […]

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