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[Pennant Chase] Survey results from July of 2018

July 10, 2018 - 12:46 PM

Lots of interesting stuff to cover from yesterday’s survey. One nice thing is that I only had to keep it up for a day because over 400 people responded! There were a few duplicates or bogus submissions, and those were easily removed. By the way, if you didn’t get to take it and want to throw your opinion in, it’s still available:Survey HereHere are some of the really interesting responses:These three results are really interesting… people are clearly lukewarm on introducing CPU teams, which I can appreciate, but they really want to see more types of Auto Leagues. At the same time, they hate the idea of smaller leagues. It shows how challenging this issue is - leagues are not filling fast, so introducing more types of Auto Leagues is only going to cause them to fill even slower. Yet people really want more leagues, yet they don’t want fewer teams. Maybe there’s a happy medium where at most we could have 1 or 2 CPU teams to help move things along. We did this before, but the CPU teams were really bad because it was thrown together pretty quickly. Now some more fascinating stuff:Here’s the thing about all the above results. It’s important for people to understand that a vocal minority of discontents tend to show on the boards, and when I make decisions, I have to consider a much larger, silent constituency. That’s why I do these “annoying” surveys (as some people called them) in the first place.That said, the vocal minority is still very important in calling out issues. While most people thought the sim results were fine, there clearly was an issue with offense developing. Without people alerting me, it would be hard for me to know. But you can see that most people like Rank or don’t care either way. What was also fascinating is that the top reasons people like Rank are for the “better visibility” (52%) and “fairness to new players” (55%) which is not what I was expecting. Rank was first and foremost put in place to provide better leveling of the stats that matter, but only 34% of people cared about that. The other thing people really like is the improved balance in the Auto Draft and better team rankings for Supp Draft (both at 50%). So Rank has a lot of positive impact despite some people hating it.I think Rank has been important for a lot of reasons, but if I could do it all over again I would probably hide it so it wasn’t creating such an outroar or doing things like impacting trades. But you can see that it has quickly become an important thing to a majority of people. Is it always right to appease the majority? No, of course not. But this is one where I think it makes sense to find out what people really want. I’m not up for 60% of the site going crazy because I react and suddenly hide Rank from everyone.Finally, as for limited Slump Buster, it’s not exactly a run-away winner, because almost half of people don’t want it or don’t care. This one is tricky because there are two ways to look at it. Only 28% of people would be unhappy if I changed it, but it’s still only about 50/50 in terms of people who really want it. I’m leaning toward making this change because it makes sense in regards to realistic sim results.As for the verbatims, there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, which will take time to read through entirely. One of the last entries was an “ad-free” site for a small monthly fee of $2. That just goes to show how much people don’t understand the reality of running this site. The monthly fee would absolutely have to be more than $2, and thus very few people would participate, which is why monetization is such a challenging issue, and why we all have to deal with ads.As for “themes” - there were a lot of suggestions around more managerial control. This was probably the biggest “group” of suggestions. I can appreciate all those, and I’ll simply do what I can in that arena - it’s an area of endless possibilities and lot of work, so it’s a tough area to make progress, but there are some obvious wins we could have there.There was a lot of feedback about players not playing up to their Real Stats. This is one of the hardest things about running a site like this, people don’t understand the zero-sum reality and that nobody is going to play close to real stats in most of the types of leagues offered. Other trends - a lot of people had issues with the free agency free-for-all in Auto Leagues. A lot of people wanted better replays with graphics - this was a surprise. (But sorry, that one is probably never going to happen unless EA buys the site.)There was a LOT more in the verbatim's - you can imagine, almost 400 unique ideas to make the site better! Now if only I could win the PowerBall, or didn’t need to sleep...

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[OOTP Developments] What does 2018 hold for the LA Angels and Milwaukee Brewers?

July 08, 2018 - 10:48 AM

While David Carducci, owner of new OOTP blog The Yakker, indulges in historical “What if?” scenarios, our own T.J. Lauerman and Kris Jardine are forging their own paths through the 2018 season and beyond at the helms of the Los Angeles Angels and Milwaukee Brewers, respectively. They’re streaming their seasons on our Twitch channel on Mondays […]

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[OOTP Developments] The Yakker explores the OOTP multiverse

July 08, 2018 - 10:48 AM

“Exploring the Out of the Park Baseball multiverse,” it says on the homepage of The Yakker, the new blog from sportswriter David Carducci, who has covered multiple World Series and spent six years as a beat writer focused on the Cleveland Browns, among many other media roles. True to its tagline, The Yakker indulges in […]

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[Wolverine Studios] Tee Off On July 17th With Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf

June 27, 2018 - 04:03 PM

We are very excited to announce that Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf will be released here on July 17, 2018! DDS:PG will also be released on Steam as well.

If you missed our initial announcement about the game, click here to read it and check out those initial screenshots.

Today we want to show off some more screenshots and talk about some more new things for DDS: Pro Golf. DDS:PG is going to ship with two beautiful courses – the Wolverine Golf Club and Florida Bay. Extensive work has gone into building the courses to bring you an incredible visual experience. See for yourself!

The Wolverine Golf Club

Florida Bay

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf will come with a built-in course design tool which will allow you to create quick and easy courses to play around on too – they won’t have the detail of the stock courses (unless someone gets really, really creative with custom textures) but you’ll be able to knock out courses very quickly just to fill out your schedule if you want some more variety. Don’t worry though we’re going to make additional courses as quickly as possible and they’ll be available for sale in our webstore for a small cost – we’ll even have course bundles. More on that later on.

In addition to the courses looking better and the overall gameplay screen getting a huge upgrade from the Total Pro Golf series we’ve added more on course control in putting. When you’re on the green you will be able to read both the break and the speed. Your readouts will be influenced by your skills and those of your caddy and you’ll be asked to enter a number from 0-10 for both the break and the speed of your putt. If you think the green is slow then you enter a low number for speed. If you think it has a huge break then you enter a high number for break. Your success on the putt will be influenced by how close or far away you were from the way the hole is playing that day. It’s another neat little feature that really steps up the challenge in DDS:PG.

A new challenge looms for putting

We hope you’re as excited for DDS:PG as we are getting golf back in our lineup here at Wolverine Studios. Don’t forget to check out the trailer in our YouTube channel too and we’ll see you in mid-July to tee off with Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf.

The post Tee Off On July 17th With Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf appeared first on Wolverine Studios.

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[Pennant Chase] Guide to running a real progression re-wind league

May 29, 2018 - 11:07 AM

PC user BuddlyHartley recently put together a guide for advancing a Real-Life "Rewind" league that he was handing off to another commissioner. It's a guide that others who want to run this type of league might find helpful, and Buddy was willing to share it with the community. A "Rewind" league is where you are building the exact teams from baseball's past, and advancing those teams to the their next real-life season, while not wanting to lose a player's compiled stats from season to season. It's tough to run this type of league because there's a lot of clean-up to do and new players to add each season. But it's rewarding work if you're willing to put in the effort!Here is Buddy's guide:This is a Guide that I prepared to help the new commissioner of a Real Progression league called "Classic Rewind", but it can be applied to any Real Progression league. It is not the only way to run such a league, and other commissioners will use different approaches, but it does cover all of the basic steps in a systematic way that a brand-new commissioner to such a league might find helpful. When a season is running, any league is easy, but it is those “End-of-season tasks” that make this league a lot more time consuming. First off, I've usually got about 9 pages open on my computer when I am doing the year end stuff. 1. The League Home Page, just to keep everyone up to date.2-3. Two pages of the Current Roster for the team I am working on. You’ll see why later. 4. The Holding Team Roster5. Commissioner Tools open to Apply Player Progression6. Commissioner Tools open to Import Historic Player or Team7. Free Agent List open to Retired Players8. baseball-reference open to the new season for the team that I will be progressing.9. baseball-reference open for individual player look-ups.Tasks:I am assuming that you have already worked through all the easy stuff after the World Series that are on the Post-Season Wizard list, such as-- Award Championship Trophy-- Award Owner a Ring-- Clear Compiled Stats-- Clear Game Results – NOTE: Don’t hurry on this one. You might want to leave the World Series results up for a day or two, so that people have a chance to see the boxscores, or some will complain. Also, on that Clear Game Results page, here is how you deal with that page … Uncheck “Clear Transaction Log”, because in Classic Rewind we keep a record of our transactions from year to year. Keep the next box “Set Each Team’s Trades Back to Zero” checked -- and don’t forget to Pick a World Series MVP, if you haven’t already. We do NOT do Step #10 on the Wizard list called “Clear Team Rosters.Now you are at the big step …. “Age Players” …. This is where you do the “Real Progression”, and this is where I will spend my time explaining what I do, as this is where you will spend several hours every off-season. Here is the order in which I do things, but you can adapt this any way you want, as they aren’t really written in stone. I just find that going in this order saves me time, and also helps me not miss anything. 1. Sort out the Holding Team and write down all the players who will be returning in the new season on a piece of paper, and what team they will be coming back to. Keep that list handy.2. Starting with Free Agents, and then moving on to the first team (usually Atlanta, since I do them in alphabetical order), hit the "Apply Player Progression" button, making sure that it is set for "Real Life (Rarely Used)". 3. After you hit the button, a bunch of players will be then listed at the top of the page as "Retired". Guy’s Note – I am removing this part of Buddy’s guide because I recently made a change to how retirement is handled in real-life progression. When you progress players, it un-retires every player and then tries to advance them if they are active in the season you are advancing to. If they are not, you will see “re-retired” on the list after you progress. Players that come out of retirement will now be free agents. You will have to assign these free agents to the right team if you are doing a “rewind” league like Buddy is describing. 4. Once you’ve dealt with any Retired players who aren’t really retired, you can then go to the two current rosters (pages 2&3) and refresh just page 3. You can then, if you wish, compare the previous year’s team (page 2) with the new season’s team after progression (page 3), and see what players had big improvements or big drops. As Commish, I sort of like to stay on top of this stuff for every team, just so I have the big picture. Once I’m done with last year’s squad, I delete page 2 (for now, as I’ll replace it when I start on the next team). 5. Now you need to import the new rookie players to the team. Go the baseball-reference page for that team for the new season, and basically work your way down the list through EVERY player. Remember to even look guys up who had 2 AB or 5 IP, because some players played for 2 (or more) teams in their rookie seasons. 6. After all Rookie Imports are done, then you need to move over any players from the Holding Team that are ready to return to that team. (With the new changes you may no longer need a holding team. Just move free agents who are not retired to their real teams.) This is usually a very small number of players, if any. 7. So that’s it … you’ve now done one team. Congratulations!!! Only 23 more to go!! LOL It is quite the process, and it can take hours to work through every team, but I have actually found it quite interesting and fun to do. Just don’t hurry. Take your time and enjoy the process. The league is not going anywhere. If someone quits because you took a day or two longer then they thought was necessary, wave them goodbye, as they are jerks anyway. Anyone who has done the commissioner duties in a real progression league, and knows how much work it is to do, is just happy it gets done and that someone is willing to do it, whether it takes a week or two or even three to finish. It’s a BIG job!8. We can skip the next item on the Wizard, since we don’t “Retire Players” in this league. That is done automatically when we do the real progressions. 9. “Create New Schedule”. As I mentioned before, you don’t really want to do this … EVER. It is one of the worst tasks that a Commissioner can do, and totally thankless. So I leave everything in the first 3 Options alone, and jump down to Option #4 “Swap Teams on Schedule”. This is just done for variety, but I think is worth doing. But … when you swap teams, you can ONLY swap teams within the same Division, or it will throw the entire schedule out of whack. Remember, this is an original schedule, so games are already weighted to teams in your own division first, then out of your division. Also, I do this randomly, and don’t write down my choices from year to year, so that there is no pattern to it. You can do it differently if you wish, but I didn’t want it to become predictable. So once you’ve swapped all the teams, go to the Schedule page, then go to “Switch to all Upcoming Games”, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the schedule. All teams should have 81 Home Games, and 81 Away Games. Hopefully no problems there, as the schedule has been fine for the past 3 seasons. Just always remember that it is a 176 Day Schedule, not a 162 Day schedule, and you’ll be fine. Thanks again Buddy for sharing!

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