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Arizona - Cincinnati Trade

June 03, 2019 - 09:38 PM

Arizona trades:

SP Michael Wacha (ML)

LF Brent Bowman (AAA)


Cincinnati trades:

CF Bill Harrison (R-Billings)

SS Jake McClure (R-Goodyear)


A difficult move for both sides, but the potential to help both teams is clearly there.  Wacha and Bowman jump into a pennant race with Cincinnati, while we get a solid prospect in Harrison and a lottery ticket in McClure.  Thanks for the thorough negotiations and good luck!

Diamondbacks Mid-Season Trade Block

May 03, 2019 - 09:48 PM

Looking for rookie-league type prospects, not on the 40-man roster.


AA 1B/3B Alex Santana


AAA SP/RP Zach Rivera - lefty

AAA SP/RP Jose Jose - lefty

AAA RP Joel Lima


ML RP/SP Erik Cordier - fan fave

ML RP/SP Robert Carson - lefty

ML RP/SP David Perez - groundball righty

Diamondbacks Off-Season Trade Block

November 28, 2018 - 01:40 PM

Arizona is looking for 1-2 quality major league ready bullpen arms, no matter what you call them: closer/setup/stopper/LOOGY/whatever.  Otherwise, we are looking for rookie-ball players with years/options intact.  The following players could be moved in the right deal:


RH SP Carl Deer: Rated top-100 prospect by OSA, second round draft pick in 2016, currently at double-A, Deer is almost ready for the majors.  4 pitches, decent gas, groundball mechanics. 


RH RP Conner Sadzeck (ML) -- might benefit from a change of scenery.

SS/2B Daniel Santana (ML): solid glove off the bench.

1B/2B Alfredo Zavala (ML) -- bench bat, decent glove, good baserunner.

RH SP/RP David Perez (ML) -- three pitches, groundball pitcher.

Arizona / Chicago White Sox, revocable claim of RP Michael Blake

August 19, 2018 - 08:24 PM

Arizona sends: RP Michael Blake (AAA/waivers)


Chicago White Sox sends: P Gregg Marmaro ®



The retooling continues, as we exchange a reliever who is almost ready now for one who is a few years away.  Both have a shot at a major league career, but with the season ending this was an opportunity to build depth for the future.  Thanks for the quick/easy negotiations, Jonathan.

Arizona / St Louis, revocable claim of RP Mark Montgomery

August 18, 2018 - 08:11 PM

Arizona sends RP Mark Montgomery (ML, revocable waivers)


St Louis sends RP Ryan Simmons (A)



The rebuild continues as we trade off one bullpen piece for a future possible bullpen piece.  Montgomery has been solid for us but we're still planning for the future.  Thanks for the quick/easy negotiations, Ryan.