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Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 12

January 14, 2018 - 12:02 AM

Back again with the new power rankings for Fishbowl season 12, on day 5.


I decided to change the formula slightly. Rather than only considering the best goalie, I've decided to weigh a teams best goalie at 0.75 and second best goalie at 0.25. Formula used for overall is:

[(average offence) * 12 + (average defence) * 12 + (best goalie) *0.75 + (second best goalie) * 0.25]/25



1. Larson Knights - Kelvin "unknown forum name"

Off: 90.67 Def 92.33 Glt:89.75 Ovr: 91.43

Previous position: 2nd, playoff 2


2. Hawkeye Revolution - Marcel Proust "MProust/Haradim"

Off: 89.42 Def: 92.17 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 90.82

Previous position: 3rd, playoff 4


3. Horn lake Hooligans - Mike Grubb "Mickg34"

Off: 89.17 Def: 90.67 Glt: 95.25 Ovr: 90.13

Previous position: 1st + Golden cup winner


4. Pinewood Lumberjacks - Matt H "Mattlumberjacks" aka "me"

Off: 89 Def: 90.83 Glt: 90.75 Ovr: 89.95

Previous position: 10th


5. Cuba City Eagles - Mare Maro "unknown forum name"

Off: 89.17 Def: 89.33 Glt: 89 Ovr: 89.24

Previous position: 4th, playoff 2


6. Wynward Wildfire - Matthew Bernsten

Off: 88.33 Def: 89.83 Glt: 91.75 Ovr: 89.19

Previous position: 9th


7. Wildwood Violent Rush - Juho Kainulainen "Keskustankeisari"

Off: 88.75 Def: 89.5 Glt: 90.5 Ovr: 89.18

Previous position: 6th, playoff 2


8. Wolfe Wolves - Marcel Cloutier "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.58 Def: 90 Glt: 89.5 Ovr: 88.82

Previous position: 7th, playoff 3


9. Cedar Rapids Panthers - Mauri Nieminen " unknown forum name"

Off: 89.17 Def: 88.17 Glt: 90 Ovr: 88.72

Previous position: 5th, playoff 3


10. Urbancrest Comets - Noah High "unknown forum name"

Off: 88.33 Def: 88 Glt: 95.5 Ovr: 88.46

Previous position: 14th


11. Sellwood Spirits - Misco Grossi " unkown forum name"

Off: 87.75 Def 88.17 Glt: 88.75 Ovr: 87.99

Previous position: 11th


12. Molson Monkeys - Nathan Macdonald "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.42 Def: 88 Glt: 90.75 Ovr: 87.83

Previous position: 13th


13. Montmorency Vortex - computer (previously ineffableleafs)

Off: 86.92 Def: 87.83 Glt: 92.5 Ovr: 87.58

Previous position: 8th, playoff 2


14. Batchawana Battlin Bears - Joe Leconte "forum name unkown"

Off: 86.92 Def: 87.5 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 87.38

Previous position: SHL 1st


15.Blenheim Pirates - Martin J. "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.08 Def: 86.67 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 87.06

Previous position: 12th


16. Morden Defenders - Justin Camara "JMonkey"

Off: 85.08 Def: 87.83 Glt: 89.75 Ovr: 86.59

Previous position: SHL 2nd

plus minus issue

November 22, 2017 - 12:41 PM

Either the minuses aren't registering against my team or my team doesn't hop onto the ice until my backup is put in net. Considering my starting goalie performance drop, I'm kind of hoping for the latter ;)


Attached File  plusminus.PNG   74.11KB   0 downloads



Moved to Q&A since it's not a bug.


Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 11

October 31, 2017 - 10:45 PM

Here, I had some free time so I decided to once again do the Fishbowl Power Rankings for this new season.The formula is the same for total overall average as past season (offensive players + 2 * defensive players + best goaltender)/25. Rather than just chose the top players from each team, I selected players in order as your regular lineup or a swap of players if there is a stronger injured player and then filled any remaining holes with the top scratched/affiliated players. I've also done an average for height (in cm as it's easier) excluding goalies as I was curious.


1. Larson Knights - Kelvin.

off: 89.58 def: 92.17 goal: 93 ovr: 90.96

Average height:

off: 187.58 def:186.83 avg: 187.93

Previous position: 4th, Golden Cup


2. Horn Lake Hooligans - Mike Grubb

off:88.75 def: 90.83 goal: 98 ovr: 90.12

Average height:

off: 187.25 def:187.12 avg: 187.22

Previous Position: 3rd


3. Hawkeyes Revolution - MProust

off: 88.67 def: 90.83 goal: 91 ovr: 89.8

Average height:

off: 187.5 def: 183.5 avg: 186.17

Previous position: 1st


4. Cuba City Eagles - Mare Maro

off: 88.42 def: 89.33 goal: 89 ovr: 88.88

Average height:

off: 185.17 def: 185.83 avg: 185.39

Previous position: 6th


5. Montmorency Vortex - ineffableleafs

off: 87.33 def: 89.17 goal: 94 ovr: 88.48

Average Height:

off: 185.67 def: 181.5 avg: 184.28

Previous position: 8th


6.Wynward Wildfire - Matthew Bernsten

off: 87.58 def: 89 goal: 88 ovr: 88.28

Average height:

off: 185.5 def: 192 avg: 187.67

Previous position: SHL 1st


7. Pinewood Lumberjacks - MattLumberjacks

off: 87.67 def: 88.5 goal: 90 ovr: 88.16

Average height: 

off: 189.58 def: 186.17 avg: 188.44

Previous position: 12th


8. Wolfe Wolves - Marcel Cloutier

off: 87.33 def: 88.67 goal: 91 ovr: 88.12

Average height: 

off: 182.42 def: 184.83 avg: 183.22

Previous position: 12th


9. Wildwood Violent Rush - Keskustankeisari

off: 86.92 def: 89 goal: 91 ovr: 88.08

Average height:

off: 190.42 def: 180.33 avg: 187.06

Previous position: 5th 


10. Urbancrest Comets - Noah High

off:  87.58 def: 87.33 goal: 96 ovr: 87.8

Average height:

off: 186.58 def: 187 avg: 186.72

Previous position: 2nd


11/12. Cedar Rapid Panthers - Mauri Nieminen

off: 88.92 def: 85.17 goal: 90 ovr: 87.16

Average height: 

off: 187.75 def: 187.83 avg: 187.78

Previous position: 12th


11/12. Sellwood Spirit - Misco Grossi

off: 87.58 def: 87.33 goal: 89 ovr: 87.16

Average height:

off: 191.75 def: 192.17 avg: 191.89

Previous position: 10th


13. Molson Monkeys - Nathan Macdonald

off: 86.17 def: 87.83 goal: 90 ovr: 87.12

Average height: 

off: 181.17 def: 180 avg: 180.78

Previous position: SHL 2nd


14. Portland Cyclones - Zach Furness

off: 85.83 def: 87 goal: 91 ovr: 86.6

Average height: 

off: 179.67 def: 175.67 avg: 178.33

Previous position: 14th


15. Bleinheim Pirates - Martin J.

off: 85.92 def: 85.67 goal: 92 ovr: 86.04

Average height: 

off: 188.92 def: 179.17 avg: 185.67

Previous position: 7th


16. Jolly Rattlers - computer

off: 85.83 def: 85.67 goal: 88 ovr: 85.54

Average height: 

off: 186.83 def: 192.17 avg: 188.61

Previous position: 13th


League average team overall: 88.025

Leave average team height: 186.03

anders, can you take a look at reputation

October 29, 2017 - 09:22 PM

Hey, this is just a major annoyance that I have that is ruining my experience with Dangles. -Nevermind, I've actually resigned while writing this post.- The culprit? I guarantee it has to be something to do with reputation. Note, this will be a little bit of a vent.



The problem is no matter how much I and other teams seem to offer, all the free agents are going to Senet's team. For example I offered 7.9mil x 1 year deal to a guy initially only wanting 1.8 mil. He goes to Senet's for 4 years at 4mil. Whatever, the player probably wanted more term as well as going to the team with the higher rep. Finally, a similar player comes around again and I decide that there is no way that I can let this one except. The players ask? Around 1.8mil x 4 years. My offer? 7.9ish mil x 4 years. Nobody else could possibly do that, I'm sitting here wondering why the hell I just made that offer. Where does the player sign? Senets team at 7mil x 4 years. The only thing Senet's team had on my offer this time was his team and manager reputation. 


This is getting ridiculous, pretty much every free agent has gone to him and I'm pretty sure it's caused his team to snowball. Another thing: in past new worlds, affiliates didn't yet exist, and so cap was a major limiting factor in how many guys a single team could pick up. Now it's pretty easy to hide a massive salary in the minors for cheap which is exasperating this problem and letting Senet sign everybody. In the last contract I was talking about, there is no way he should have been able to afford the 7mil contract. He's signed everybody else often at higher amounts than others offered. I know this as there was a small discussion in the chat at the start of the season about this.


What made me quit while writing this is that I noticed he also made a trade with AI the same day trading with AI was enabled. Three 85ish players for an 89 player (one of the best players in the world) and 2 super young and promising prospects. The trade cleared some cap that will definitely be used for more free agents in the future, not to mention this or a similar trade wasn't even open to anyone else as nobody had the talent on their team that they could consider making a similar move. I'm a supporter of keeping AI trading enabled, but it has to be fair.

Roster limit

October 28, 2017 - 07:00 PM

I think people have mentioned this idea slightly in other threads, but would it possible to get some sort of roster limit? My idea would be 50 players to match the NHL.


The main reason for it is that it would reduce the amount of player hoarding that a team could by hiding salary on affiliates to an amount of players that would contain regular roster players, a backup player or two for each position and some prospects.