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#35862 Important! Where did all the mascots go?

Posted by MattLumberjacks on July 10, 2018 - 03:19 PM

Ah should have posted here :)


Is there anyway to just let us upload our own?  


Storage is an issue, people using pictures instead of actual mascot or badge likely would too but would give a bit more freedom to do what they like with their team.  Likely would take a bit of doing as well.  Just spitballing it out there :)

I feel like that is just a potential lawsuit as people will inevitably start using their favourite team's logo. Its probably bet to play it safe.

#35273 dubious results (again) with tired players

Posted by MattLumberjacks on June 06, 2018 - 11:54 AM

Honestly, I think it might be an age thing. The goalie I've been rocking for quite a few seasons now has still been slowly increasing about 1 overall per season. However, he's always had a save percentage of about .900, this season he turned 25 and his save percentage jumped up to .946. All of my defensemen are the same (they are also really good which definitely boosts the save percentage), so the other factor that really changed is the goalies age.

#35244 v1.3.4

Posted by MattLumberjacks on June 05, 2018 - 03:13 PM

It's been that way for a long time (+6 months).  It's more a nuisance than a problem, but would be nice to see if it can be fixed.  

Yea, I always considered it part of the bug that was "fixed" with this update which is why I posted it here.

#35093 v1.3.4

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 31, 2018 - 06:00 PM


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where draft picks couldn't be removed from a trade offer (when countering an offer)



Hey, I just noticed that if you accidentally remove a draft pick when offering a trade, the game doesn't let you add the draft pick back without opening a new trade menu.

#34923 Minor change to the GHL playoff format

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 25, 2018 - 12:13 PM

Currently in the GHL, the playoff structure looks like:


Series A: Rank 1 vs Rank 8

Series B: Rank 2 vs Rank 7

Series C: Rank 3 vs Rank 6

Series D: Rank 4 vs Rank 5


Series E: Winner A vs Winner B

Series F: Winner C vs Winner D


Final: Winner E vs Winner F


The current path ensures that there will never be the top 2 teams fighting it out in the finals. It also makes it so that the teams rank 4th and 5th have the highest chance at getting the easiest path to the cup. And since the 5th place team is also entered into a better playoff lottery compared to the top 4 teams, it makes it the ideal position from a purely playoffs and potential future success standpoint. My suggestion is to simply change the following series:



Series E: Winner A vs Winner D

Series F: Winner C vs Winner B

#34922 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 25, 2018 - 11:50 AM

Thought this was the humor therapy thread, for all things we find funny in the game.... Good or bad? Just saying.

The problem is that it always devolves into an argument between people having a different ideas to what's fair. There's more appropriate places to do that (like suggestions for improvements to keep trading fair) or report people for obvious cheating going on.

#34866 String of continuous injuries

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 24, 2018 - 03:40 AM

What exactly causes a string of continuous injuries to your team? I've never had it this bad before. Nearly every game I get some sort of injury. Including tonight where I had two injuries, one of them being major. My team is mostly old, but that hasn't caused injuries this consistent before, and they are all solid GHL players, so their endurance is high. I've tried reducing training to easy/medium for most, with easy going to the older guys, but that hasn't really settled down anything. I almost want to say this is some sort of strange bug or something. I recently switched the training levels down, so maybe it takes a while for training effects to settle in? Seems weird though. 


It's just bad luck when you get a bunch of injuries like that. My worst luck was when I lost my 4 starting centers and half my d-men over a few day for multiple games and a couple have-season injuries.


What I find works to prevent injuries is to ensure my players are only playing when they are fully fit. For something more pro-active, I try is to build a team around non-injury-prone players. In my experience, when you check a players home page, look at his current headlines. Injury-prone players will generally have multiple injuries listed over multiple seasons. Though injury-prone studs can hide their past injuries by getting player of the week/stars of the game. I've read somewhere on this forum before that injury-likeliness (durability?) is a hidden stat in this game, but you can sort of guess what it would be just by seeing how often a player gets injured. (I think when this game was first being developed durability was actually a visible stat.) Unfortunately I don't think age has anything to do with injury rates as I've had a bunch of old veterans on my team the past few seasons and none of them have been injured. 


TL;DR: It's definitely not a bug.

#34636 Draft Lottery odds

Posted by MattLumberjacks on May 10, 2018 - 06:32 PM

I think that there is a mini lottery for every 4 picks. So it's not like the best team has a chance to get the 1st pick from his own pick. I like it because teams separated by 4 picks are typically roughly even in strength and probably separated by luck in the regular season. It also adds a bit of excitement for teams finished in the off season. I dislike it because my GHL teams have always been on the losing side of the draft lottery pick :P

#34259 Changing offensive and defensive tactics

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 16, 2018 - 12:51 AM

I don't change tactics too often so I'm not completely sure, but I think the amount of time to go from zero in a tactic to perfect takes a little more than half a season. Although,I find that even if the tactic is red and if it fits your team better than your perfect tactic that doesn't fit your team, then you won't have a period where your team gets noticeably worse.

#34257 Question about promotions and relegations

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 16, 2018 - 12:41 AM

No, the team placed 1/2 in the lower league get automatically promoted and 15/16 (or whatever the bottom two teams are in the specific leagues) get automatically relegated. Then teams 8-4 play in playoffs. The top two teams from those playoffs play teams 14/13, if they can manage to beat them in a playoff series, they get promoted but if they lose then the higher league keeps their spot.

Hope this helped,

You got a couple numbers off, so I'll just write it out.





1st-8th play playoffs for Golden Cup

9th-12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th are in relegation playoffs, they will match up against a team from SHL playoffs and winners will be in the GHL next season, losers in the SHL

15 & 16th are relegated to SHL



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd - 6th play promotion playoffs

             -3rd vs 6th -> winner plays 14th SHL team (I think) for a chance at promotion

             -4th vs 5th -> winner plays 13th SHL team

             -it's possible that there can be 0 to 2 teams that earn promotion through the promotion playoffs (for a maximum of 4 teams                                                 -promoting and relegating)

7th-12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th are in the relegation playoffs and each match up against a BHL team

15th and 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd - 6th play promotion playoffs -> the 2 winners then have to play teams 13 and 14 from the SHL

7th - 12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th play in the relegation playoffs and must match up against an IHL team

15th & 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd-6th play promotion playoffs -> the 2 winners must match up against the BHL relegation playoff teams

7th-10th watch the Golden Cup

11th - 14th do relegation playoffs

           -this isn't a situation I've been in nor payed attention too, I'm not sure if there's a mini tournament among themselves and the 2                                           -losers have to play the LIHL playoff winners or if they all have to play LIHL winners. But you should kind of see the pattern of what                                   -is happening now.

15th & 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd-10th play in the promotion playoffs

          -I've been in this situation before, but it's been so long that I forget exactly how it plays out. It's either all 4 winners play the 4 IHL                                        -relegation playoff teams, or there is an extra round and the 2 winners play the 2 losers of an IHL relegation round

11th-16th watch the Golden Cup

#34170 Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 10, 2018 - 10:12 AM

Like Rainsilent said, we need to see the roster to be able to help out. Although from your first attached thumbnail, it looks like you have guys playing in a different role than what they're good at. Based on the same thumbnail, check your checking line players to see if they make good grinders, power forwards or enforcers. (Maybe not enforcers, I haven't really chased any so I'm not sure if they are good checking players.) Also check that your two-way defensive lines and stay-at-home defensive lines are good at their role. Another common mistake is teams ignoring teamwork/winner instinct/size. Bad teamwork is a death sentence. Winner instinct is increased by having a good mix of green and blue trait players (eg: heroic, determined, stable). Although a few yellow/red guys won't hurt and too many green guys actually can. Size is less important, but I've found that teams that look good, but have an average height of 5'8" often do bad. Bigger teams also often finish higher than a person would expect.

#33753 prospects trade status

Posted by MattLumberjacks on March 29, 2018 - 10:04 AM

We should be able to set the trade status of prospects just like we can with players. I think that its especially needed for AI teams because whenever an AI GHL team gets lucky and drafts an amazing player, human managers manage to acquire the prospect in a trade before he can be signed. The trade I just noticed went through that prompted this suggestion would have been autodeclined almost immediately were it sent to a human. I'm not going to call the person out, but the trade was a 35 year old player on an expiring deal + a ghl 1st from a team that just finished in a high spot+ 2 pieces that will never be GHL pieces for a freshly drafted 90 overall prospect. There also weren't many good free agents this season so that 18 year old prospect was the only real asset that the AI had. IMO, just like the AI getting improvements so that they had young stars to their "untouchables", fresh, good prospects should get that same status.



Also, AI should make more signings sooner and immediately sign any star prospects. The AI hasn't done major team building and its almost day 3. The AI already looks like a guaranteed to be relegating team.

#33107 Training specifics

Posted by MattLumberjacks on March 16, 2018 - 01:47 AM

Wow, I'm surprised that nobody has answered this, training is a little bit vague.



From my experience offensive training improves skills such as shooting, passing,etc, defensive training improves defence, checking, etc and general training improves skills such as endurance and skating. I've also found (although it may be my imagination) is that if you set a player's role and/or line role to something, the player will improve in that role a bit faster. Ex: two-ways forwards will improve their defence a bit faster than other skills.

#32874 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 25, 2018 - 01:53 PM

Your offense practiced?

#32870 Move message REPLY button to top of page

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 25, 2018 - 02:29 AM

I'm sure that I've said this before, but I think that there should be a message button right here:Attached File  here.PNG   452.24KB   0 downloads