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#34259 Changing offensive and defensive tactics

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 16, 2018 - 12:51 AM

I don't change tactics too often so I'm not completely sure, but I think the amount of time to go from zero in a tactic to perfect takes a little more than half a season. Although,I find that even if the tactic is red and if it fits your team better than your perfect tactic that doesn't fit your team, then you won't have a period where your team gets noticeably worse.

#34257 Question about promotions and relegations

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 16, 2018 - 12:41 AM

No, the team placed 1/2 in the lower league get automatically promoted and 15/16 (or whatever the bottom two teams are in the specific leagues) get automatically relegated. Then teams 8-4 play in playoffs. The top two teams from those playoffs play teams 14/13, if they can manage to beat them in a playoff series, they get promoted but if they lose then the higher league keeps their spot.

Hope this helped,

You got a couple numbers off, so I'll just write it out.





1st-8th play playoffs for Golden Cup

9th-12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th are in relegation playoffs, they will match up against a team from SHL playoffs and winners will be in the GHL next season, losers in the SHL

15 & 16th are relegated to SHL



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd - 6th play promotion playoffs

             -3rd vs 6th -> winner plays 14th SHL team (I think) for a chance at promotion

             -4th vs 5th -> winner plays 13th SHL team

             -it's possible that there can be 0 to 2 teams that earn promotion through the promotion playoffs (for a maximum of 4 teams                                                 -promoting and relegating)

7th-12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th are in the relegation playoffs and each match up against a BHL team

15th and 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd - 6th play promotion playoffs -> the 2 winners then have to play teams 13 and 14 from the SHL

7th - 12th watch the Golden Cup

13th & 14th play in the relegation playoffs and must match up against an IHL team

15th & 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd-6th play promotion playoffs -> the 2 winners must match up against the BHL relegation playoff teams

7th-10th watch the Golden Cup

11th - 14th do relegation playoffs

           -this isn't a situation I've been in nor payed attention too, I'm not sure if there's a mini tournament among themselves and the 2                                           -losers have to play the LIHL playoff winners or if they all have to play LIHL winners. But you should kind of see the pattern of what                                   -is happening now.

15th & 16th are automatically relegated



1st & 2nd are automatically promoted

3rd-10th play in the promotion playoffs

          -I've been in this situation before, but it's been so long that I forget exactly how it plays out. It's either all 4 winners play the 4 IHL                                        -relegation playoff teams, or there is an extra round and the 2 winners play the 2 losers of an IHL relegation round

11th-16th watch the Golden Cup

#34170 Why do I keep losing (help a new member)

Posted by MattLumberjacks on April 10, 2018 - 10:12 AM

Like Rainsilent said, we need to see the roster to be able to help out. Although from your first attached thumbnail, it looks like you have guys playing in a different role than what they're good at. Based on the same thumbnail, check your checking line players to see if they make good grinders, power forwards or enforcers. (Maybe not enforcers, I haven't really chased any so I'm not sure if they are good checking players.) Also check that your two-way defensive lines and stay-at-home defensive lines are good at their role. Another common mistake is teams ignoring teamwork/winner instinct/size. Bad teamwork is a death sentence. Winner instinct is increased by having a good mix of green and blue trait players (eg: heroic, determined, stable). Although a few yellow/red guys won't hurt and too many green guys actually can. Size is less important, but I've found that teams that look good, but have an average height of 5'8" often do bad. Bigger teams also often finish higher than a person would expect.

#33753 prospects trade status

Posted by MattLumberjacks on March 29, 2018 - 10:04 AM

We should be able to set the trade status of prospects just like we can with players. I think that its especially needed for AI teams because whenever an AI GHL team gets lucky and drafts an amazing player, human managers manage to acquire the prospect in a trade before he can be signed. The trade I just noticed went through that prompted this suggestion would have been autodeclined almost immediately were it sent to a human. I'm not going to call the person out, but the trade was a 35 year old player on an expiring deal + a ghl 1st from a team that just finished in a high spot+ 2 pieces that will never be GHL pieces for a freshly drafted 90 overall prospect. There also weren't many good free agents this season so that 18 year old prospect was the only real asset that the AI had. IMO, just like the AI getting improvements so that they had young stars to their "untouchables", fresh, good prospects should get that same status.



Also, AI should make more signings sooner and immediately sign any star prospects. The AI hasn't done major team building and its almost day 3. The AI already looks like a guaranteed to be relegating team.

#33107 Training specifics

Posted by MattLumberjacks on March 16, 2018 - 01:47 AM

Wow, I'm surprised that nobody has answered this, training is a little bit vague.



From my experience offensive training improves skills such as shooting, passing,etc, defensive training improves defence, checking, etc and general training improves skills such as endurance and skating. I've also found (although it may be my imagination) is that if you set a player's role and/or line role to something, the player will improve in that role a bit faster. Ex: two-ways forwards will improve their defence a bit faster than other skills.

#32874 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 25, 2018 - 01:53 PM

Your offense practiced?

#32870 Move message REPLY button to top of page

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 25, 2018 - 02:29 AM

I'm sure that I've said this before, but I think that there should be a message button right here:Attached File  here.PNG   452.24KB   0 downloads



#32835 Another One Way Question

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 22, 2018 - 04:09 AM

The contracts still work mostly the same as before there were affiliates. If a guy signs in a higher league and then is traded down, he gets a 1-way contract.


However I haven't really heard your situation brought up before even though it's definitely weird considering that you want to send him to the same league that he was just in. Maybe a solution would be players to keep the lowest league affiliates that they can play for constant and to have it as a notification on the players transfer page. Similar weirdness would happen for a player with a one-way being traded up and then being put on an affiliate. Maybe if a guy gets sent up, any new higher division affiliates that a team has is allowed to take the player. Any affiliates that the player couldn't play in before due to his contract stay locked.

#32746 The Humor Therapy Thread

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 15, 2018 - 01:00 PM

Attached File  Capture.PNG   29.01KB   0 downloads


Again, two games later :( They even managed to get 3 ppg's on 1 powerplay, but I couldn't score any with 7 powerplays.

#32632 Hoarding Players

Posted by MattLumberjacks on February 10, 2018 - 01:09 AM

That is my Dangles team! I'll give you a bit of background as to why I have so many players:


1) Many of those players are from when I first took over the team (computer contracts) and from my first season in charge when competition for players was high so long contracts had to be offered to get them to sign

2) I've had two promotions in the past few seasons so many players are no longer good enough for my team

3) I've tried to get rid of several - putting them on the waivers but no takers


Yes I could sack those not good enough but what benefit will I gain from that? After all I have 33 million in cap space. If someone wants them they can send me a trade offer like a 3rd round pick or something and I'll let them go.


Why do I have 33 million cap space?


Hardly any top players would sign for my team after I recently got promoted to GHL. I therefore had to take a different strategy - sign a load of promising youngsters, hope I can stay up then filter them into my team in the next few years so I can become successful. Not a strategy I wanted to really take but it was either that or watch my team potentially get relegated and then struggle to promote again. I wish I did have 0 cap space available!


I'm all for a roster limit, believe me and I do understand your frustration but as Paul T said I'm working within the rules and there are several factors as to why I have so many players. I'm not going out of my way to sign players and keep them so others can't have them.

For these reasons, I feel like a roster limit of 30 would be too small. Imo, it should be around 50 just to not give another disadvantage to promoting teams.

#32219 Fishbowl Power Rankings Season 12

Posted by MattLumberjacks on January 14, 2018 - 12:02 AM

Back again with the new power rankings for Fishbowl season 12, on day 5.


I decided to change the formula slightly. Rather than only considering the best goalie, I've decided to weigh a teams best goalie at 0.75 and second best goalie at 0.25. Formula used for overall is:

[(average offence) * 12 + (average defence) * 12 + (best goalie) *0.75 + (second best goalie) * 0.25]/25



1. Larson Knights - Kelvin "unknown forum name"

Off: 90.67 Def 92.33 Glt:89.75 Ovr: 91.43

Previous position: 2nd, playoff 2


2. Hawkeye Revolution - Marcel Proust "MProust/Haradim"

Off: 89.42 Def: 92.17 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 90.82

Previous position: 3rd, playoff 4


3. Horn lake Hooligans - Mike Grubb "Mickg34"

Off: 89.17 Def: 90.67 Glt: 95.25 Ovr: 90.13

Previous position: 1st + Golden cup winner


4. Pinewood Lumberjacks - Matt H "Mattlumberjacks" aka "me"

Off: 89 Def: 90.83 Glt: 90.75 Ovr: 89.95

Previous position: 10th


5. Cuba City Eagles - Mare Maro "unknown forum name"

Off: 89.17 Def: 89.33 Glt: 89 Ovr: 89.24

Previous position: 4th, playoff 2


6. Wynward Wildfire - Matthew Bernsten

Off: 88.33 Def: 89.83 Glt: 91.75 Ovr: 89.19

Previous position: 9th


7. Wildwood Violent Rush - Juho Kainulainen "Keskustankeisari"

Off: 88.75 Def: 89.5 Glt: 90.5 Ovr: 89.18

Previous position: 6th, playoff 2


8. Wolfe Wolves - Marcel Cloutier "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.58 Def: 90 Glt: 89.5 Ovr: 88.82

Previous position: 7th, playoff 3


9. Cedar Rapids Panthers - Mauri Nieminen " unknown forum name"

Off: 89.17 Def: 88.17 Glt: 90 Ovr: 88.72

Previous position: 5th, playoff 3


10. Urbancrest Comets - Noah High "unknown forum name"

Off: 88.33 Def: 88 Glt: 95.5 Ovr: 88.46

Previous position: 14th


11. Sellwood Spirits - Misco Grossi " unkown forum name"

Off: 87.75 Def 88.17 Glt: 88.75 Ovr: 87.99

Previous position: 11th


12. Molson Monkeys - Nathan Macdonald "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.42 Def: 88 Glt: 90.75 Ovr: 87.83

Previous position: 13th


13. Montmorency Vortex - computer (previously ineffableleafs)

Off: 86.92 Def: 87.83 Glt: 92.5 Ovr: 87.58

Previous position: 8th, playoff 2


14. Batchawana Battlin Bears - Joe Leconte "forum name unkown"

Off: 86.92 Def: 87.5 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 87.38

Previous position: SHL 1st


15.Blenheim Pirates - Martin J. "unknown forum name"

Off: 87.08 Def: 86.67 Glt: 91.5 Ovr: 87.06

Previous position: 12th


16. Morden Defenders - Justin Camara "JMonkey"

Off: 85.08 Def: 87.83 Glt: 89.75 Ovr: 86.59

Previous position: SHL 2nd

#32178 Player Size (Height/Weight) can change?

Posted by MattLumberjacks on January 11, 2018 - 12:49 PM

Lmao, must have hit his head to hard.

#32172 Salary cap overstepping

Posted by MattLumberjacks on January 11, 2018 - 10:56 AM

Yes, your situation will be the same once the season starts. Your only way out if you want to make any moves is to shed the 2m in a trade (might take a while to find a willing trade partner) or to lose some salary by releasing players. Honestly though, most teams I see this happen to end up keeping their team throughout the season and often earn back promotion as their players are that much better than everybody else - that said, I've also watched some spectacular relegations for other teams in the same situation.


Also, this should be in questions.  ;)

#31413 v1.3.2

Posted by MattLumberjacks on November 28, 2017 - 10:36 AM

  Like these?


edit: Emoji's don't show :(

#31358 v1.3.2

Posted by MattLumberjacks on November 25, 2017 - 09:15 PM

At one point: had 4 goalies injured at the same time.  4!

Didn't get a pic-pix, because was busy sleeping, or doing nasty stuff. 

Even fired the assistant trainer, as it was suspected that he was tying their skates together.


Getting lots of improvement on LIHL and IHL teams, less on the big "G" teams. 

Lol, that's hilarious considering how uncommon goalie injuries are.