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#36493 Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)

Posted by neuralhandshake on August 10, 2018 - 06:21 AM

Anders and Glawing: why not try another Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign before taking the game to be pay-to-play? Even if you guys just raise enough funds to offset needing to be pay-to-play for a year, that's still a year longer for players to save up or go without having to spend money thanks to the donations of others who can, kind of like a supercharged version of what All-Stars and Contributors do now.


I'd be willing to pay for 'perks' (Kickstarter exclusive logos or jersey styles? Maybe some sort of Kickstarter backer designation?) or even a lifetime lump-sum fee to avoid having to pay a montly $7 for my two teams. 


I'm actually most unhappy about having to pay for separate teams. It means I have to choose one team to dump because I can't justify paying $7 to play. If I really want to, I can swing $3.50 a month. But honestly? Right now I don't really want to, especially when we have to build teams from scratch and I'm not 'attached' to any players yet. One month free might help that, sure, but one of my favorite things about the game is that it IS free, and you can pay IF you want to.


It's hard to recommend a pay-to-play game to people even if it is free for the first month.


I urge you guys to consider a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. As a perk, it would bring in new managers and if you can keep the game going guaranteed free for say, at least a year because of it, then at the end of the year you may have even more people willing to pay.


I'm just not sure I'll be one of them.

#36491 Cheating Thread- Dangles

Posted by neuralhandshake on August 10, 2018 - 05:51 AM

I bet it's someone whose computer is doing it for them, such a shame computers just have minds of their own like that.

#35816 Old Guys

Posted by neuralhandshake on July 07, 2018 - 09:39 PM

Finally had to put John Grill on waivers at age 44. Total beast though, probably could still be holding his own even though he's dropped so many points so quickly.

#35186 Prospect development

Posted by neuralhandshake on June 03, 2018 - 05:39 PM

I do the same as Wizard. Anyone I want to develop, I sign. There's a very small chance that a prospect gets signed by the RUHL, which is the only other real league that can compete with the AAHL, and a very small chance they somehow get signed by another AAHL team (it's happened to me before).


Right now out of all my guys on Lumber and Dangles, I think only one is signed by a RUHL team. 


I usually just sign my best prospects and put them in the AAHL. Once I have too many in there (like 2 goalies, for example), I start assigning guys to the AAHL 2 and move them around based on performance and how they do down there and how the 'better' ones do in the AAHL.


But I'm also GHL. A lot of times my dudes don't get signed until well into the season, either. It's Day 17 in Dangles and only now are my prospects not signed by me are getting contract offers. They aren't offered immediately to give you a chance to sign them, I believe.

#34248 Players Released

Posted by neuralhandshake on April 15, 2018 - 06:15 PM

Lost my dudes and had issues signing because of perpetual Simulation, so most were snapped up by other teams. I'm done if this isn't reversed.

#32039 Affiliate hoarding.

Posted by neuralhandshake on January 06, 2018 - 03:41 PM

I'd love to see both a contract limit and the ability to loan or recall players. Waivers give me a lot of anxiety, even if they are realistic. 

#31893 Adam Gundersson cheating

Posted by neuralhandshake on December 28, 2017 - 02:44 PM

Hey guys,


Adam Gundersson keeps taking over teams in Dangles and releasing players from those teams, then taking over another team and offering a contract to those same players. He's done this multiple times now and I've reported him for cheating but nothing has been done. He most recently did this with Oshawa Cougars, releasing a prospect and a defenseman, and now he's in charge of the Edson Lightning Bolts, both in GHL.


Please do something about this as it's extremely frustrating. He's somehow a 'Worldclass' manager despite this. I suspect he's the same person we had issues with before, just under a change of name.



#31770 Slow Server- Help Anders!

Posted by neuralhandshake on December 19, 2017 - 07:53 AM

I think the issue is just the amount of information the server has to process is enormous. I've noticed in playing on Dangles and Lumber, Lumber takes 10x longer to load pretty much any page, while Dangles I can (almost) zip through pages and players with (very little) lag/issue. But Lumber can be like pulling teeth sometimes just to get anything to load.


I assume this is because of the sheer amount of data that Lumber has accumulated and the mass of players (as in the hockey guys). Messages don't seem to truly delete, unless Anders fixed this--deleting one message just means one older one comes back into your inbox instead of them truly being gone. So if you've played for 30 seasons, you could spend hours individually deleting messages before actually ending up with an empty inbox.


Additionally, with Lumber, there's just so many free agents. I was trying to load the Lumber Transfers to see how many total players there are but it takes a million years to load that to begin with, so I can only say there's roughly 855 free agents right now with 5856 total players (it finally loaded). Compared to 2,500 total players in Dangles. The strain here probably comes from the amount of data from having that many players and their histories. The game follows players from age 15 to, sometimes, age 40. That's every season tracking their development, stats, hidden qualities, etc. That's a huge amount of data, I imagine.


So how can Anders fix this?


Aside from getting the $1,000 he needs per month to run at optimal speeds, I think implementing a permanent delete feature for messages would help--once your inbox is full, old messages DELETE instead of just going into a retrievable zone. I mentioned this maybe a year ago, not sure if it was ever changed, but this is a big thing that I think would have an impact on server stress and very little negative impact on playability.


My other suggestion would be to just slice the number of generated players down a lot. More guys over 36 should retire and only 'noteworthy' ones (with achievements like Cup wins, stars of the week, chart topping stats, etc.) should be retained as viewable. Guys tend to decline after 33 with very few being Iron Men who stay sharp at 36, both in real life and in game. Jagr should be 1 per every 2500 players. Not as common.


Additionally, Dangles is showing how a world can run on a database of 2,500 players. Dangles is still young, but every season when new Juniors are generated, the old guys should be retired and deleted/retained at a similar ratio. 2,5000 seems to be a decent size right now, maybe 500 more might help variety, but most teams are stacked and full already. 


IMHO, Dangles is what Anders should be striving for--quick load times, manageable database sizes, and a small backlog of messages because it's still young.



Of course, I don't know much, I'm just spitballing... but I feel like if Lumber's player database was cut in half it would load at least a LITTLE faster.

#30632 Trades

Posted by neuralhandshake on October 24, 2017 - 03:53 PM

Medicine Hat Tigers, SHL, looking for a backup defenseman. Don't care OVR, willing to trade similar level G or F on the affiliate team of mine.

#29928 The first Official Cursed Franchise Challenge!

Posted by neuralhandshake on September 14, 2017 - 11:36 PM

I want to see the Valks stick with it! You can make the GHL. I have faith. I was really rooting for you last season. We both came up through the SHL at about the same time, I just managed to auto promote, so I've always considered you like a sister team haha.

Best of luck!

#29710 4 Goalies Start Every Game & Multiple Teams Owned

Posted by neuralhandshake on September 05, 2017 - 11:10 PM

I would love to see how things shake out if everyone is forced to use a backup goalie properly. I think standings would be vastly different and I'm excited for a chance to have a real shot now that I've groomed a good backup. So I agree that teams playing one goalie all season are cheating the system, but the new update may have fixed it. We still need time to see.

#26437 Season 20

Posted by neuralhandshake on March 25, 2017 - 04:58 AM

And of course I traded my first away and can't get one back!

#25421 Lumber - Season 15

Posted by neuralhandshake on December 21, 2016 - 10:56 PM

You might be able to! I think I was last seed last season and ended up facing the GHL relegation-threatened team. I was swept handily and absolutely destroyed (I think one loss was 9-2... ouch) BUT I was surprised to make it that far. 


If you do claw your way into facing the GHL teams, this might be a good season to have a solid chance at promotion. :) cheering for you, mate (just don't tell the Valkyries that).

#25144 Tactics

Posted by neuralhandshake on November 27, 2016 - 08:09 PM


Love it or hate it, I think that is what is so great about this game (and hockey/sports), right?  There is no "right" offense or defense or tactic to use that will check the Win column for you.  It depends a lot on the skill set of your team, the line matches, their happiness, willingness to try hard, etc.  So even if you get the perfect combo for your team, in comes another team that gives you a royal spanking because their skill sets and tactics maximized their performance better than yours did.  Fiddle with your lines and rosters and what worked two games ago might be a bit of a mess this game.  Also, it takes teams time to learn the different tactics, which also affects the team.  If my team is still learning the best tactic for my team and yours is fully confident in it, chances are your team will perform better.  In a game of inches and 1-2 goal games, that is all it often takes in this.  


So yes, information should flow freely since we are competing just as much with ourselves and our roster challenges and the SIM engine as much as we are against our opponent.  It is a lot of trial and error (and probably dumb luck some games), but don't stop asking questions.  Lots of experienced managers here (more so than me and I've been playing this for almost two years) who are more than happy to tell you not to use a tactic that requires your sloth D-man as a key transition rusher, etc.!  


This season, I thought I was getting bit hard by a team suddenly forgetting how to play together. I tweaked tactics a bit, wrung my hands nervously, began considering a wholesale change/trades to adjust to a relegation. Then, my guys started firing on all cylinders and I went from what looked like certain relegation to a playoff spot.


The parity in the SHL on Lumber right now is ridiculous in the sense that certain relegation and a playoff spot are a slim difference in points. But, I'm clinging there.


Every season things take me by surprise. Hopefully next year is my year to make the GHL--this season I don't see that happening.

#25103 Tactics

Posted by neuralhandshake on November 22, 2016 - 09:19 PM

Tips aren't depending upon who you ask. Since the answer sought can't be found via searching the boards it should be answered.


And this is what grows the game: excellent help and excellent tips.


Right now there's not a true wealth of information or too many helpful answers to explain things (there's guides, but none are truly comprehensive). Answering questions with, "We aren't going to help you, we're your competition" doesn't help at all. Contrasting this is rainsilent, who just did a great job.


Thank you for that. :)