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In Topic: New open source Football Management Sim Looking for Contributors

April 25, 2016 - 02:31 PM

Hey guys, just thought I'd update---switched to WPF from WinForms a few weeks ago and am making some good progress, even while learning XAML on the fly, as I can both build UI and code at the same time this way...basically starting from the front out...here are some screens from the Start New Game menu:

Team Info is pulled from the Team DataTable, which includes Primary, Secondary and Trim Colors for each team in Hex format that are used to update the various Texts, color schemes, etc on team pages.

Team Backgrounds auto-update as well as Team Helmets and Team Stadium pics...

Newest version has Team Roster DataTable

Start Game Menu ScreenShots

Will update when I get more progress completed with new pics

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